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    [Theory] Re: [Featured] Crazy Theories and Predictions

    Kaido is a gryphon or a manticore. Some sort of lion with wings
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Abnormal Use of Gear 2nd/3rd Gear 4!

    I already have an idea that what gear 4 or gear 5 could be. Imagine if Luffy combined Red Hawk with Gear 3. If he did Gomu Gomu no Axe with Gear 2 Armament haki on the way down and then went Gear 3...
  3. Re: how sasuke will obtain his next power up?.

    Now that we know that Orochimaru is made up of the 1st cells, he'll probably make moves to take Sasuke's body again. And when Sasuke thwarts his attempt he'll keep the cells and BOOM! Sasuke with a...
  4. Re: Possible new creatures that might apear in the New World!!

    I think they're will be a race of bear people like Bepo in Law's group and the bear with the funky shades in big moms.
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    [Question] Re: Where are Sasuke's eyes?

    They are probs in a jar inside that huge room of eyes that Tobi has. Tobi stated that he was going to transplant Itachi's eyes into Sasuke not fuse them. Thats medically impossible. Tobi likes having...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 609 Discussion / 610 Prediction Thread

    I just have this sneaking suspicion that the shadow is a cloak and dagger Moria controlling Oars jr corpse! Waiting for it!
  7. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 600 Discussion / 601 Prediction Thread

    so we only need to see that Robin and Sanji (obvs more luff mognrel) has to show off a bit of his "off to the new world flavor". we've already seen new stuff from Nami, Usopp, Zorro (boat cutting......
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    Re: Funniest Fairy Tail Moments?!

    everyone shaking their hands cause Nadi does it ALL the time
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 510 Spoiler Discussion

    sooo are we to believe that madara living so long and being so old isn't because of his EMS but that he has senju longevity? epic! although konan completely fails it's nice to see paper bombs making...
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    Poll: Re: Was Nagato a Waste?

    I'm more disappointed that so many people died (although i couldn't go through this world without kakashi sensei) and then they used plot hole no jutsu and revived erry body......i mean the leaf...
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 588 Discussion / 589 Prediction

    theres no way that sabo is dead... something tells me he haki-shielded himself from the explosion... at first i thought oda showing that ace had haki was pointless cause then why the hell didn't he...
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