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    Re: Legendary Mangakas

    Manga? :) Nice picture there. :) Love it. ;)
  2. [Done] Re: Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    Thank you for everything. :) I admit to being a bit swamped with reading right now but ... I will nevertheless look at that link in the near future. I've heard of Doric/Attic Greek though never...
  3. [Seinen] Re: Until Death Do Us Part by Takashige Hiroshi & DOUBLE-S

    Hmm... I've really enjoyed reading this manga for quite some time. :) Really like Haruka, Mamoru and all the cast. And Senji seems pretty interesting too.
  4. [Done] Re: Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    Well, you're talking about an author from the 24 gumi mangaka, who were responsible for revolutionising Japanese shoujo manga, many of whom seemed to be fairly geeky about knowledge.

    Well, it...
  5. [Done] Re: Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    Oooh, so the mangaka did do quite a bit of research, except that due to language barriers and what not, the transcribed Greek was kinda funky? :D But at least she knew what she was talking about and...
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    [Seinen] Re: Vinland Saga by Yukimura Makoto

    Hmmm... I really like Einar's character but it's too bad that he'll probably be done away with in a few chapters' time.
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    [Science] Re: Astro-Phenomena happening tonight!

    Sounds interesting. I'll make sure to stay up till then. :)
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    [Discussion] Re: Riot in Urumqi

    These are my own thoughts and views and uhm, they're from a lot of different articles and sites including those about foreign policy, Wikipedia, critical Chinese(from China) sites, etc., etc.
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    Re: Signature & Avatar Guidelines

    Thanks a lot, dear, for clarifying that. :)
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    Re: Signature & Avatar Guidelines

    Hi, one question:

    Is it allowed to link to your group's recruitment thread in your signature? I just read through all the 4 pages of this thread, the MH Rules thread and I'm still unsure about...
  11. [Done] Re: Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    Oops sorry I wrote that post in a rush 'cos I'm currently using someone's netbook. PC died: long story there.

    Oh well, we'll probably say that the mangaka very likely had no idea what she lifted....
  12. [Done] Re: Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    Erm.. you can barely make out the words in there? LOL... your Greek seems pretty okay to me. Translation notes would be better. :)

    The deadline? Mmmm... just take your time. Though I'm sure we...
  13. [Done] Re: Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    Oh my, thank you so much for the help and I'm very very grateful. :) Fruit, huh? It just seems kinda strange that it'd be about a fruit. >>;; Let's just say I struggled for many hours on finding the...
  14. [Done] Help needed with some Greek words(possibly archaic)

    Hi, I'm not the translator but since she's busy, I'm posting here on her behalf.

    Well, in this certain manga(Banana Bread), we've run into some issues, mainly concerning some Greek words. The...
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    [Miscellaneous] LCD calibration?

    Hi all, I know that people used to calibrate their CRTs with tools like Adobe Gamma. However, what tools or programs do people use to calibrate their Lcds? After all, Adobe Gamma is created more for...
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    [Seinen] Re: Detroit Metal City

    The manga is quite entertaining, I'd say. However, by chapter 30++, I felt the humor had sort of run out since they kept rehashing some of the earlier jokes and some of the new jokes weren't as funny...
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    [Shounen] Re: Tsumikabatsu - Discussion

    It's pure crack and really funny... too bad there aren't anymore scanlated chapters.

    Oh well...
  18. [Favorites] Re: Shoujo mangaka's works that you keep an eye out for

    In no listed order because they're all just good and I can't really decide:

    Ai Yazawa
    Chiho Saito
    Itsuki Natsumi (because I love well-done series with plenty of character tension)
    SHIINA Ayumi...
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