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  1. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 38 Discussion/39 Predictions

    Hey guys and girls! I'm a wee bit busy at the moment but I have time for a short post.

    I made a quick two-minute sketch of a mask design I thought would fit Tooru (though the actual design is...
  2. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 36 Discussion/37 Predictions

    1: I was thinking it would have something to do with the Rose investigation, yes, though how I'm not yet sure. It would be intriguing if they like you suggested manage to somehow infiltrate the...
  3. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 36 Discussion/37 Predictions

    Hey boys and girls. I haven't posted here in quite some time and for that I dearly apologise. Anyway, on to the chapter:

    I understand that some people believe we didn't get much out of Haise's and...
  4. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 31 Spoiler Thread

    Great chapter. We got a lot of interesting information, along with a measure of Kaneki's strength pre-timeskip, which I myself estimate to be greater than takizawa's. I mean, Takizawa went Kakuja...
  5. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 31 Spoiler Thread

    I agree with what you guys are saying, but to be fair Takeomi killed a ghoul with his bare hands, and this was a ghoul who could easily break a Quinqe with a single punch^^
  6. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 31 Spoiler Thread

    Amoooon my man! Back and kicking ass! His outfit kind of reminds me of a priests' robes (coincidence? I think not).

    Haise's telling Arima the same thing that chairman Washuu told Arima, the...
  7. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 30 Discussion/ 31 Predictions

    Well the phrasing in japanese that Eto used was; " Floppy-tachi", so it should be a group. Could be Amon & CO so to speak. What's weird is that when Eto told Ayato to take care of floppy if they...
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    [Question] Human or Ghoul?

    If you were to be born into the Tokyo Ghoul verse and you got to pick which species you were going to be born as, what would you choose?

    Personally I'm not entirely sure what I'd pick.. If I were...
  9. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 29 Discussion/ 30 Predictions

    Hard to say, we all know how Ishida sensei likes to play it.. ^^ But I think it's entirely possible indeed that we're going to get Kaneki back in the next chapter, after all, it's Hinami-chan <3
  10. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 28 Discussion/ 29 Predictions

    Honest to Ishida sensei (instead of god), I've never been so hyped for a manga chapter, not from any other manga I've read, ever. I'm SO HYPED I can barely contain it. Coupled with my ADHD I'm...
  11. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 28 Discussion/ 29 Predictions

    What a great chapter, Ishida sensei continues to deliver!

    So shit's truly going down in the next chapter, we've all seen what happens when someone calls Haise by his true name, plus he's in such...
  12. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 28 Spoiler Thread

    I really really need this chapter, noooow! It's become an addiction, that's just how damn good this manga truly is.
  13. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 785 Discussion / 786 Predictions

    Pretty good chapter, I'd have liked to see Doflamingo land some hits instead of skipping 20 minutes of the fight, but I'll take what I can get! I hope that when the fight is over, Luffy's somehow...
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: One Piece Mega Convo Thread

    Indeed, I agree that it would make more sense, I've just got this ominous feeling^^ Though it would totally suck hard if Kinemon dies as well :/
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: One Piece Mega Convo Thread

    So I read this a few weeks ago but since no one else has posted it here, Oda-sensei's latest interview; Source: Rio.D.Kaneki on opforum

    After hearing the journalist's guess about One Piece's...
  16. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 27 Spoiler Thread Ladies and gentlemen!
  17. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 27 Spoiler Thread

    I... Is that Urie getting uber-stabbed and then eaten my Big Madam..? Oh god. MUTSUKI FKN SAVE HIM
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    [Discussion] Re: Best/Worse use of a devil fruit

    Best: Ace with the Mera Mera no Mi, his arsenal of attacks was nothing short of genius. Edit: Doflamingo, Crocodile.

    Worst: Like desin24 said, it's gotta be Miss Valentine and her Weight fruit....
  19. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 26 Discussion/ 27 Predictions

    Once again, as expected, the chapter is a great one. Ishida sensei is for me, at the moment, the king of manga. He's able to provide us with a chapter that's both entertaining and progressive even...
  20. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 26 Spoiler Thread

    Seems like a great chapter.

    Takeomi added to fav CCG members, such an AWESOME badass, breaking the friggin neck of a ghoul that size.
  21. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 25 Discussion/ 26 Predictions

    Golden Week's coming up, so we should now have to wait two weeks for the next chapter.. NOOOO~~ Wanna see Sasaki Ken go bananas~~
  22. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 25 Spoiler Thread

    You'll have to pardon my french but,, when the hell is the chapter coming out?
  23. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 783 Discussion / 784 Predictions

    Agh.. People need to understand this: Fujitora's reasoning is that, the WG allows the shichibukai to do whatever the hell they want, well almost. He hates that after deliberately unleashing such pain...
  24. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 782 Discussion/ 783 Predictions

    Well snails are't very mythical. But when Trebol first appeared, I posted a theory that he might be a slug zoan. Though if we go by the overwhelming evidence that's been provided for us:
  25. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 24 Spoiler Thread Chapter's out boys and girls!

    ..Seidou's totally fucking lost it, he killed that woman even though he recognized her. He's become...
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    [Discussion] Re: Create a DF power you will want if you were in OP A very similar thread :)
  27. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 23 Spoiler Thread Chapter's out ya'll!
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    [Theory] Arata Kirishima - Ayato's goal?

    Arata Kirishima, dead... Or victimized?

    What do we really know about him? We know that he was out scavenging for food to feed his family when he was attacked and subsequently defeated by CCG...
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Tokyo Ghoul Hangout Thread

    Love how creative Ishida sensei is!
  30. [Spoiler] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 22 Discussion/ 23 Predictions

    So excited to see how Haise is going to react to Kanae's outburst. 100% Sure he's going to rant about Tsukiyama sooo... REMEMBERING TIME BITCHES! Hopefully^^
  31. [Spoiler] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 22 Spoiler Thread

    .. Damn :O Don't really know what to say. Again, so much in one chapter. Whaaat the heeeeeeeeell is up with Uta being able to change his FACE? Now that's a whole other league than just creating masks...
  32. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 780 Discussion / 781 Predictions

    Well, we sure that Jinbe didn't just use Haki? And if he did use fishman karate (probably) then we know that Koala VS Trébol is a good match-up :)
  33. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 780 Discussion / 781 Predictions

    Simple, Trébol's too easy for Sabo to handle. Burgess isn't.

    And we'll get to see how fishman karate affects a Logia.
  34. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 780 Discussion / 781 Predictions

    Ignoring the fact that if Law truly is dead I will bawl my eyes out and rip my hair to shreds... ._ . We all know Moncherrie exists.

    Anyway. A very, very good chapter. Law smiling like a true D....
  35. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 21 Spoiler Thread

    Aw man I remembered Saiko as a Bikaku ~~ And totally forgot that Mutsuki was a Bikaku, even though I recently re-read tg:re ._ . Thx for reminding me! Not feeling embarrassed at all <3

    Edit: I was...
  36. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 21 Spoiler Thread

    Oh it's on, I expect Naki to be going full-on rage mode. Remember before the timeskip how he without hesitation jumped in front of an attack and sacrificed his own body to protect the twins.
  37. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 21 Spoiler Thread

    Definitely want to see this happening. I want to see Akira's face when she realises that the crazed white haired ghoul is her old friend :c OH GOD IT'LL BE SO TRAGIC NOOOO/YEEEES!
  38. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 21 Spoiler Thread

    Oh yeah I was thinking about back in Kanou's lab^^ Very true that he did bring out 8 claws when he damaged IXA's defensive barrier ^_^

    Same here, the clowns are just.. agh <3 Such a hate/love...
  39. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 21 Spoiler Thread

    Wow, despite what "that person" said this chapter seems awesome. Packed with cliffhangers and fights. Takizawa ripping the head of off a former comrade :c It made me sad. My guess is he's even more...
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Tokyo Ghoul Hangout Thread

    Well as I understand it the words used were:"Floppy tachi" so that might mean that it's a group and not just one person. Quinckes squad? Though Eto tells Ayato to "take care of it" and Ayato thinks...
  41. [Spoiler] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 20 Spoiler Thread

    ..Hmm... Guess we'll see about that ;)
  42. [Spoiler] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 20 Spoiler Thread

    I think Saeki's got a crush on our Tooru :x3 Aaaw how cute~~ He comes to her rescue and then he's sad when she runs away from him. Keep at it Saeki, keep at it!
  43. [Spoiler] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 20 Spoiler Thread

    Yeah my bad I mixed up the names ^^ I meant that he has a lot of (four I think) Kakuhous. His lances, shotgun-like spikes and so on.

    Or well, to quote the wiki:" He has 2-4 Kakuhous that form...
  44. [Spoiler] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 20 Spoiler Thread

    aww :( poor Seidou.

    Well that depends really. Yoshimura obtained his appearance and different kagune trough cannibalizing other ghouls. If Seidou has done the same then he will indeed at least...
  45. [Spoiler] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 20 Spoiler Thread

    That's why this is my second favourite manga. It doesn't compromise and it never disappoints in reflecting how harsh and unforgiving the world is. Reeeaally hope we'll get to see Amon as well. Oh and...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 779 Discussion / 780 Predictions. Break next week.

    Mihawk broke two of Zoro's no-name swords when he slashed him up good in the Baratie arc. Afterwards Zoro replaced those swords with Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri.

    All in all a very good chapter....
  47. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 19 Spoiler Thread Chapter's out people, and it's awesome. Naki resembles Yamori even more now after the timeskip.
  48. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 19 Spoiler Thread

    Shouldn't the new chapter be out by now?
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Tokyo Ghoul Hangout Thread

    I actually thought he was a woman, but apparently that's not the case^^
  50. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 18 Spoiler Thread Chapter's out.
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