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  1. [Art] Re: Hoshino's Instagram Account and Discussion Thread

    Lol I thought they pic was Cross for a min. Him and Anita, or some random lover. Had to read comments to see it wasn't. Always fun and funny when authors do multiple stories, but sometimes use some...
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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: The DGM Hiatus Thread

    I was no fan of the anime either, since they completely messed up Cross' character. But, if it had gone on long enough, maybe they could have fixed that. But, the liberties they took weren't good...
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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: The DGM Hiatus Thread

    And due to lack of manga updates, and in-frequent updates, seems it knocked DGM down on popularity. The anime was cancelled at 103 episodes. The dub versions stopped at 52. The trading cards are...
  4. [Art] Re: Hoshino's Instagram Account and Discussion Thread

    Oh Cross, you softie, would it kill you to show it around your friends lol, even though they aren't your lovers.

    Nice artwork from Hoshi. Nice she doesn't seem to have forgotten the series, or...
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    [Favorites] Re: Favorite Characters

    Cross Marian

    Why? a bit detailed. I am chatty with favorite characters
    I used to hate him at 1st, but he became my favorite character. He's really the reason I read the manga. Not that it's bad....
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    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: DGM Chapter 219 Spoiler Thread

    I would love to see Cross again. But chances are, these spoilers are fake. The Earl wanted Cross assassinated. Why house him if he's alive? Cross hates the Earl, and thwarts all his plans. Apparently...
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    Sticky: [Art] Re: DGM Volume Covers Thread

    Vol. 24 Poster may be old, but I found it last week, so I thought it was relatively new. If it's been seen 110x already, my mistake...
  8. [Discussion] Re: would your rather see allen together with lennali or road?

    I don't see either as good.

    Road's feelings are questionable on whether they're even genuine. Does she like Allen for himself. Or is just just a replacement, or sub for Neah or Mana? He had a...
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    [Question] Re: DGM Hang Out Thread - Part 1

    I would have to say, as I don't think I have posted here yet. My favorite character, and what really keeps me reading DGM is Cross Marian.

    He's really a very deep and conflicted character. not to...
  10. Poll: Re: Will Ichigo get romantically involved with someone?

    Kubo said he didn't wanna focus on the romance aspect too much, but he does show bonds between characters.

    Now, wether it's romantic or not, is entire fan opinion for now. Like Gin x Rangiku....
  11. [Predictions] Re: Bleach in 2013 - Your expectations and hopes

    I just wanna see my boys, Ginjou, and Tsukishima. They're the character I am most interestd in, being my 2 favorites.

    But, Kukaku & Ganju are a damn cool pair too. So, their group is what I am...
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    Sticky: [Request] Re: New Username Request Thread

    I would like to change my username to "Silverwolf442" plz, same as my youtube account.

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    Re: Ginjo alive?!

    Ginjou is dead, but his spirit is in SS. Simple.

    I'm glad he's back. If Kubo had left Ginjou's story where he did, that'd be been some messed up writing. AndGinjou, I think, has potential to be a...
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    Re: The Official Hatake Kakashi Thread

    Iruka is still alive, and he's like a father/brother to Naruto.
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Sakura or Karin, who has what it takes to get Sasuke?

    I think Karin, she is at least hepful to Sasuke. If Sakura loved Sasuke so much, it shouldn't have taken Sasuke leaving for her to get stronger. If you're on the same team with someone you love, you...
  16. Kakashi (Gaiden) or Sasuke (Pre-Timeskip)

    I know it's kind of a random thread, but I wanted to get some peoples opinion on it. We know what Kakashi was like in the Gaiden, and we know what Sasuke was like pre timeskip. So, I just wondered...
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    Poll: [Fantasy] Re: Kakashi vs Kisame

    Yeah, and some of your excuses are just attempts to make Kakashi seem weaker than he is.
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    Poll: [Fantasy] Re: Kakashi vs Kisame

    For the people that bring up Kakashi's fight with Kakuzu. If this guy didn't have FIVE hearts, Kakashi would have killed him imidiately because he was able to sneak up on Kakuzu undetected and ram a...
  19. Re: With Jiraiya's death can Tsunade really afford to hide Naruto's parentage any longer?

    Naruto has alway loved Kakashi, for some reason, so if he opened the door for Shikamaru. he'd open it for Kakashi.
  20. Re: With Jiraiya's death can Tsunade really afford to hide Naruto's parentage any longer?

    Tsunade may tell him. It's true that Kakashi was Minato's student, but he doen't really seem good at talking to Naruto. Like in chapter 406, Kakashi says he's worried about Naruto, but he tells...
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    Re: The Official Hatake Kakashi Thread

    Maybe they were trying to show what a strong character he was in part 1 so we'd know that he's a strong ninja. But, now they're pushing him back to make room for other main characters & new...
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    Re: The Official Hatake Kakashi Thread

    Dying by Sasuke would be very ironic. Considering Sasuke is the only students Kakashi loved or cared anything about.
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    Re: The Official Hatake Kakashi Thread

    I love Kakashi, he's a wonderful character. The only problem I have with him is that he acts like a jerk sometimes. But, he's loyal and someone you'd want on your team.
  24. Re: Kakashi or Jiraiya (relationship w/ Naruto)

    That's what I think. Kakashi may be more of a brother. But, sometimes it seems as though it's not even that.
  25. Who is Closer to Naruto: Kakashi or Jiraiya?

    Hi, i'm new to the website. I'm a big Naruto fan & my favorite 2 characters are Kakashi & J-man. My friend and I were just debating this a little while ago, and I just wonder between the two which do...
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