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  1. [Discussion] Re: Awesome Oda Foreshadowing/Recurring Phrases/Images, share!

    When Luffy said the reason why Chopper joined their crew:

    As you can see Chopper indeed have 7 different transformations:
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    Poll: Re: Does it make sense that Edo Tensei can be 'ended' by the souls coming to peace?

    Wow, so some people actually have the same thought as me. That solution, for me, was like a major turn off for Naruto. I know that Naruto (series) has been going down hill after the Pain fight.

  3. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 604 Discussion / 605 Prediction Thread

    LoL. I feel sorry for Freid for vehemently defending his point of view. :eyeroll

    Back to the topic, I found it amusing when Luffy stated: "I'm gonna tame that little guy!!!" (I hope this is the...
  4. Re: Psyren 141 Spoiler Discussion

    It's kind of funny how some here people actually differentiate them from humans. It reminds of X-men and Magneto saying that the mutants are actually Homo SUPERIOR not Homo SAPIENS.

    Also, I would...
  5. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 601 Discussion / 602 Prediction Thread

    I just realised while reading the newest chapter over and over and over again, Rayleigh and Zoro have got a scar on one of their eyes. Also the swirly thing on Sanji's eyebrows are now inverted. My...
  6. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 601 Spoiler Discussion Thread

    LoL. I did not even realise until this chapter that the swirly thing on Sanji's eyebrow is reversed now. That's my obeservation skills for you! >.>
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    Re: Psyren 109 Spoiler Discussion

    I feel the same way as you but I feel that meeting with Amagi Miroku would make Abyss - Amamiya's other self to be attracted to him or so I think... because I get a vibe from her that she is totally...
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