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  1. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 262 Discussion/ 263 Prediction Thread

    ^I think its too late. By the time George and Kuwabara started acting serious, Nobu's suit was already dead. It just takes one squeeze and he's dead. I'll bet they will start using the X gun, but it...
  2. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 261 Discussion/ 262 Prediction Thread

    What are you talking about? Katou makes a fine main character.

    Thats the problem with stoptazmo, you never learn all this cool info. I'll still always call him Host Samurai tho.

  3. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 255 Discussion/256 Discussion Thread

    Well, the quality is obviously improving. I'm not saying I'm liking the 3 week wait, but we are used to the two week wait and it is not his fault that it's 3 weeks this time. It's always been two...
  4. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 255 Discussion/256 Discussion Thread

    Actually the only reason it is three weeks is because youngjump doesn't have a release next week so it'd be the same length of time relating to how often he releases it. I'm glad he's making the...
  5. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 254 discussion/ 255 prediction thread

    Well, I meant that they'd free themselves, and it'd probably be in a few missions. I'm suprised the Osakans haven't been pissed at them already, cuz kaze, Takeshi, and Katou have killed their fair...
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    [Discussion] Re: Ultimate Gantz team

    Yeah, but if kurono was still alive, he'd probably do better with the newly revived Katou. The only reason I think it was unlikely that kurono would asked to be freed is because of his relationship...
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    Re: Worst character?

    Yay, more Kishimoto haters! I remember back in the old days of stoptazmo, there were a lot of people who actually argued that she was a deep character.

    I don't like Nishi that much. I think he's...
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    [Theory] Re: In the long run

    I love Katou!! He's not just a goody tooshoes nut. He comes from a school of rough people and his morality being higher than everyone else had led him to become the defender of the less strong....
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    [Discussion] Re: Ultimate Gantz team

    Kurono + Old man is definetely my favorite combination. Add Sniper and we have an undefeatable three man team, and if you want, throw in Katou as the moral compass and Kaze and Takeshi.
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    Re: Inabas potential

    Maybe Inaba's going to be next generation Gantz. He's had a late start because of his attitude not wanting to train with Kurono. That could be Oku explaining the importance of unity and comradery...
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Gantz Hang-Out Thread

    Agghhh, the anime was horrible. I don't know how Kishimoto's character could've been made any worse, but then I saw the episodes that were during Volume three. Kishimoto thought Kurono was a freak,...
  12. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 255 Discussion/256 Discussion Thread

    I don't think Kyou is dumb enough to take on over 300 aliens with himself and just one newb. (At stoptazmo, my friend counted up to 372 aliens I think). Before I would've, but it seems like he's more...
  13. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 254 discussion/ 255 prediction thread

    I don't know about that. Who would revive Izumi? I doubt Nishi would.

    I believe that some Tokyo Gantzers are going to either die or be freed because they've been around way too long.
  14. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 255 Discussion/256 Discussion Thread

    Man, I love Kyou. I never thought he'd be smart enough to have a computer or nice enough to lend a hand to a newb. Apparently there might be 2 pages missing. Anybody know more about this? Can't wait...
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