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    [Discussion] Re: Possible Devil Fruits !

    Too many logias! Paramecia are the coolest fruit. Here are two I've come up with:

    Massage Massage fruit: Gives the user magic massage hands, turning them into the world's greatest massage...
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    [Discussion] Re: Strongest DF

    Blackbeard can absorb fire, lightning, etc, with his darkness. He just has to do it actively. Every time he's gotten nailed by an attack, he was rambling like an idiot and not paying attention. ...
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    Poll: [Favorites] Re: Favorite Arc!

    I have to agree that Enies Lobby was the most epic arc, and had the best fights by far. But I voted for Skypeia! Why? Because Skypeia was the best adventure.

    Enies Lobby was the best arc in...
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    [Discussion] Re: Strongest DF

    Gura Gura being the strongest paramecia was officially stated by Oda.

    Yami Yami being the strongest logia was basically stated by Blackbeard, and since he was so specific about which devil fruit...
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    [Discussion] Re: Let's talk about Conqueror's Haki

    Usopp is probably the only other crewmember that will have conqueror's haki. Afterall, he's Sogeking. Just like Rayleigh was the dark king.
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    [Discussion] Re: Strongest DF

    It's not really a matter of debate. It's already been officially stated what the strongest fruits are.

    Strongest logia - Yami Yami
    Strongest paramecia - Gura Gura
    Strongest zoan - Whatever...
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    [Discussion] Re: Your Own Hatsu!

    Name: Phantom Limb
    Type: Emission

    The user lost his right arm from the elbow down and experienced phantom limb syndrome. He became so obsessed with the phantom limb that it actually...
  8. [Question] Re: Was sarutobi really the strongest kage of his generation?

    Hiruzen took on the two strongest kages from the first and second generation, along with a guy who's on par with any of the current kages (Orochimaru), and beat them all. For reference, it took two...
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    [Favorites] Re: The best in each area

    I'll force myself to pick just one each:

    Ninjutsu: Rikudo
    God of all ninjutsu, all 5 elements, invented everything.
    Taijutsu: Gai
    Best pure taijutsu user. Nobody else can match the strength of...
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    Re: Madara's Six Paths of Pain

    Honestly, there's no guarantee that the jinchuurikis will have pain powers. Madara isn't going to divide his strength six ways when he's out there in harms way, and it would be redundant to double...
  11. Poll: [Fantasy] Re: battle of the rare treats: Mizukage vs Chiyo

    I'm sure Mizukage is stronger, but Chiyo has already shown her ultimate jutsu, and based on the showings she probably wins. Those chakra shields can block lava, and the suction move can remove any...
  12. [Team] Re: Akatsuki vs The Five Kages (And Bodyguards)

    Hm, it's definitely a much better fight when you consider that Akatsuki doesn't have Pain or Madara. I think the biggest problem people are making is underestimating the bodyguards. Some of these...
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    [Question] Re: Itachi... Hokage?

    11 years old
    Has an eye power that can only be used if you killed your clansman
    His clan was planning to overthrow the village

    Yeah, great hokage material lmao
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    [Theory] Re: Itachi's Mangekyou's unique ability.

    This is a good explanation, except Sasuke controls the flames with his right eye. If it was all his left eye, that would suggest he just has more control, but the use of a different eye and the way...
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    Poll: Re: Is Edo Tensei another name for "fanservice"?

    The jinchuuriki are not fanservice at all. Madara probably put the bijuus back into them. After all, the whole point of this war was to use the power of 7 bijuus to fight the 5 countries. This is...
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    [Theory] Re: Naruto and Izanami

    Naruto does have Hashirama's chakra. You can quite clearly see that his KM cloak takes the form of Rikudo's "body". So he can use the crow after a day passes. But not before then. It obviously...
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    [Theory] Re: Itachi's Mangekyou's unique ability.

    1. You must be on some serious drugs if you think the invincible jutsu that comes from Madara's right eye is not a dojutsu. And Madara has a bunch of techniques, as well as an EMS, so we have no...
  18. Re: Elemental Fusions - Kekkei Genkai and Kekkei Touta

    I wonder if the Mei can secretly use mokuton? She has both earth and water, and the ability to meld elements. It would explain how she beat Yagura.

    Anyway, these are the mystery combos:...
  19. [Discussion] Re: Nature of the Yonkou's Power and Influence

    Whitebeard's top division commanders are as strong as admirals, and he stomped Akainu horribly (he wouldn't have been scratched by his follow-up attack if he was healthy, even if he was still old and...
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    Poll: [Team] Re: Admiral vs Admiral: Who is the strongest?

    Realistically speaking, either Akainu is the strongest or they're all equal.
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    [Discussion] Re: Straw Hat's Crew Strength (Ranking)

    1. Luffy
    2. Zoro
    3. Sanji
    4. Franky
    5. Chopper
    6. Brooke
    7. Robin
    8. Nami
    9. Usopp
  22. Re: Strongest character in One Piece as of yet = Garp?

    Garp can probably punch out the admirals, but Whitebeard is clearly the strongest in the world. I don't know how people are even questioning this, he ko'd a logia admiral in two hits.
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    Poll: [Fantasy] Re: Shanks vs Mihawk

    Shanks is probably stronger. Mihawk doesn't seem to be any stronger than the top division commanders, while Whitebeard could practically oneshot them. How could Shanks be Whitebeard's equal if he...
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    [Discussion] Re: Rank your strongest shinobi

    1. Rikudou Sennin
    2. Senju Hashirama
    3. Uchiha Madara
    4. Nagato
    5. Minato Namikaze
    6. Uchiha Itachi
    7. Hanzou
    8. Killer Bee (with samehada)
    9. Sasuke (assuming he surpasses Danzou by the e...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Kage and entourage jutsu arsenal..

    lol, how can people possibly still think "old" = "not a fighter"? I mean, have you guys been reading this manga?

    Danzou is clearly the strongest now. 11 Sharingans, Mokuton, immortality, super...
  26. [Discussion] Re: Have naruto and sasuke surpassed jiraiya and itachi respectively...

    Naruto has SM + kyuubi, so he's surpassed SM Jiraiya. But Sasuke hasn't surpassed Itachi, he's always going to be an inferior knock-off until he gets EMS.
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Are the First two Hokage's overrated?

    How the hell could Hashirama be overrated? The 7 bijuus alone are enough to take on the entire shinobi world (7 bijuus vs. 6 nations is the 4th world war). The simple fact that this guy uses bijuus...
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    Poll: [Canon] Re: Sage Mode Naruto vs A (Raikage)

    Naruto would almost certainly win. The only time Raikage actually demonstrated the speed necessary to blitz Naruto was with his highly telegraphed shunshin (any sensor, including sage Naruto, can...
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    [Databook IV] Re: Databook IV Stat Predictions

    Nin: 5
    Tai: 5
    Gen: 5
    Int: 5
    Str: 3
    Spd: 4
    Sta: 3
    Sea: 5
  30. Poll: [Team] Re: Sasuke Uchiha vs Konoha 11(with Sai but no Naruto)

    Konoha 11. Sasuke has no problem stopping them all at once thanks to susanoo, but he has a serious problem killing them all before he runs out of chakra.
  31. Re: Which of the 5 basic elements is the most versatile?

    Most versatile: Doton
    Runner up: Suiton

    Different doton jutsus:
    Iron skin
    Tunneling jutsus
    Earthquake type moves (fissure, collapsing cave that killed Obito, etc)
    Underworld swamp...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 472 Spoiler Discussion

    lol. Watch Killer Bee walk away with perfect health and samehada (he's the best swordsman and the best jinchuuriki in the world, who could be a better host?), only to get killed by Kabuto in a hype...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Most promising ninja in Naruto

    Naruto is almost entirely the product of other people. He's not that talented, his best trait is that he has Jiraiya-level chakra, but nowhere near as much ninjutsu skill. The only reason he...
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    [Discussion] Re: Top 12 of the Genin12

    1. Naruto
    2. Sasuke
    3. Neji
    4. Lee
    5. Shikamaru
    6. Shino
    7. Sakura
    8. Chouji
    9. Kiba
    10. Hinata
  35. Re: Shodaime used Gedo Mazo to seal the Bijuu

    Nope, Gedo refers to the seventh path. The "outer path". Gedo Mazo is like the god of hell, a product of Rinnegan. Madara's plan required a Rinnegan user, although now that the statue is out he...
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    Re: Susanoo Discussion

    Sasuke clearly doesn't have the sword of totsuka. His sword is in the wrong hand, and Itachi had both weapons fully-formed even when Susanoo itself was as transparent as Sasuke's.

    Tsukiyomi =...
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    Poll: Re: How did Danzou get his hands on Shisui's sharingan

    IIRC, Itachi wiped out the Uchiha clan the next day. They could literally just take the body out of the empty Uchiha HQ.
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    [Databook IV] Re: Databook IV Stat Predictions

    Senjutsu is a power-up it doesn't affect physical stats. The knowledge involved in sage mode would still improve ninjutsu and taijutsu (you still need to know the technique, even if you can't use it...
  39. [Team] Re: Akatsuki vs The Five Kages (And Bodyguards)

    Akatsuki. Itachi and Pain alone could easily do the job.
  40. [Team] Myoboku Mountain vs. Konoha (no Naruto)

    Okay, I know what you're thinking. It's Konoha. How can Konoha lose to a mountain full of frogs? Easily.

    This guy:

    The Great Frog...
  41. [Discussion] Re: In what order are the Five Great Nations ranked in power?

    Right now it's obvious that Kumo is second-strongest. But in the past, it seemed like Kiri was second-strongest. Kumo, Kiri, and Iwa all had two jinchuurikis, but one of Iwa's was a weak link (the...
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    [Databook IV] Re: Databook IV Stat Predictions

    Condensed version:
    Hashirama: 37. Nin-5 Tai-4.5 Gen-4.5 Int-4.5 Str-4.5 Spd-4 Sta-5 Sea-5
    Madara: 37. Nin-5 Tai-4.5 Gen-5 Int-5 Str-4.5 Spd-5 Sta-4 Sea-4
    Minato: 36. Nin-5 Tai-4.5 Gen-4 Int-5...
  43. [Discussion] Re: In what order are the Five Great Nations ranked in power?


    1. Konoha: durr. It's been directly stated. The two clans that conquered the world are here. 2/3 doujutsus are here. Senjutsu, Mangekyo Sharingan, Kyuubi, Mokuton, Nyoibo, personal...
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    Re: Plot holes,gaps and spaces

    Here's one. Yagura and Killer Bee are the only "perfect" jinchuurikis, who were able to completely control their bijuus. Killer Bee says that any jinchuuriki who masters his bijuu can use his bijuu...
  45. Re: elemental fusions

    Mix fire and water and it makes steam. Furthermore, the name "boil jutsu" refers to heated water. Acid has nothing to do with heat, and it doesn't actually burn anything. It breaks things down. ...
  46. Re: elemental fusions

    Well, if you were really going to make crystal jutsu, there are two possibilities IMO:

    Earth + Fire, Wind, and Water are taken, so they're out. Earth + Wind is probably dust.

    That leaves Earth...
  47. Re: elemental fusions

    Earth + Water = Wood
    Earth + Fire = Lava
    Earth + Wind = Dust
    Water + Wind = Ice
    Water + Fire = Acid mist? (It really makes no sense that boil jutsu makes acid and not steam, but w/e)
    Water +...
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    [Fantasy] Re: Sasuke (Current) Vs Pain (All Six Bodies)

    Pain obviously wins. Sasuke has no tricks anymore, so he can never get past Shinra Tensei. Fatty can easily absorb amaterasu. He can't use Susanoo for long before collapsing and dying, and even if...
  49. [Fantasy] Re: Sasori vs Kazekage Gaara (with Shukaku)

    Iron Sand plows through Gaara's defense. The end. Gaara is a great match-up against the rest of the puppets, but the Sandaime kazekage is a horrendous match-up for him.
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    Re: Naruto 463 Spoiler Discussion

    I'm pretty sure at this point that every MS user has Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo. The only exception is Kakashi, because he's not an Uchiha. All Itachi gave him was an amaterasu trap, and...
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