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    Re: Immortal Regis

    LQ sucks in that not only is it sometimes cleaned poorly, but the translations also don't make sense at times and i imagine are improperly translated ontop of that (as in they get a different meaning...
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    Re: Immortal Regis

    I don't even know what this argument is about.

    If a group can do it quickly, and the other does it higher quality; i don't even see the competition.

    I appreciate the fast release when a...
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    [Feedback] Re: Problems with the site?

    Hey, there's recently been a release of Shaman King; i found the link in your manga scanlation index. Problem is, whenever i try to access it, first it asks me to login and then it tells me i am...
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    [Shounen] Romanizing

    Would something like this be useful?

    Page 1-
    2nd cell:
    (in blue): Shi(tsu)shi(tsu)shi(tsu) (tsu in these brackets means it is a little tsu)
    Ore no kachida
    [It's my win]

    third cell:
  5. Poll: [Discussion] Re: the old days

    I agree it has changed quite a is more "techniques" now and you don't get the hand-to-hand fighting that we used to get~ But i'm sure it'll come back with less "immortal" characters...
  6. Re: King of Hell?

    there's a group starting to scanlate them now..but they're still on volume one, i'm not sure they'll even catch up >_> the wait for updates is painful tho..i'm luvin the series too man
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    Re: Eyeshield 21 RAW Thread

    Itz also illigal to chop at lineman on purpose, but it happens regularly depending on the team your facing. If you aren't after the ball, you really aren't supposed to do hardly a thing to a person,...
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    Re: Who thinks Agon is.......

    Sena couldn't do that half a second grab, riku maybe, but not sena. I think agon'd break sena~ best chance at beating agon: Crush his ego, show him he's NOT teh fastest~ even if the ball isn't...
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