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    Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 47 Discussion / 48 Predictions

    Yes and no. If what you say is true, then it'd be more efficient simply to capture Haise and torture him. I think the main purpose is to gather data on Haise, data that can only be found during...
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    Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 47 Discussion / 48 Predictions

    Shuu will obviously live since only minor characters die in this series. I'm predicting Haise's headache is what will prevent him from arresting Shuu, allowing Aogiri the opportunity it needs to...
  3. Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama - 3rd Edition - Dressrosa arc - Part 2

    Ignoring the obvious sarcasm in your post, if you can find a scan where they are listed as Luffy's subordinates, then yes, they count. Kind of like how the Dressrosa additions are explicitly referred...
  4. Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama - 3rd Edition - Dressrosa arc - Part 2

    So? Luffy holds military authority over all of them regardless.

    The original structure of the Mugiwara crew, the "main crew" as you argue, doesn't exist anymore. Dressrosa saw to that. For the...
  5. Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama - 3rd Edition - Dressrosa arc - Part 2

    How does being part of the "main crew" bear any relevance on who is a Mugiwara and who isn't? It doesn't. Anyone who joins the crew is automatically subordinate to Luffy. Zoro is as much as a member...
  6. Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama - 3rd Edition - Dressrosa arc - Part 2

    There is no longer a set formula for a particular character joining the crew or not. Bounties don't mean anything. Dreams don't mean anything. Relevance to the plot doesn't mean anything. So and so...
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    [Discussion] Re: Will Sasaki defeat Arima?

    I'm specifically referring to Part I Kaneki vs. Sasaki. Anything "Kaneki" has done thus far in Part II is still with Sasaki in the driver's seat, like when he fought Nishiki. You really can't...
  8. [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 45 Spoiler Thread

    Many interesting things going on in this chapter, but the one part I like most is the impact Arima and especially Akira have had on Haise. In many ways, Haise is like Kaneki, but radically different...
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    [Question] Re: Human or Ghoul?

    Human. Humans have their issues (who doesn't?), but it's nothing compared to the insanity we've seen on the Ghoul side. The author hasn't explicitly acknowledged it, but it's hinted that Ghouls are...
  10. Poll: Re: The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama - 3rd Edition - Dressrosa arc - Part 2

    They do because all 5600 followers acknowledge Luffy as their leader and vice versa. Are they part of the "main crew", however? No.

    The Dressrosa Saga alters the formula for people becoming...
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    [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 44 Spoilers

    So bye-bye Tsukuyama family. Wonder how things will fare for Tsuki in the future. Other than that, this chapter brings up a lot of information on Kanou's experiments. Kanou has been experimenting for...
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    [Discussion] Re: What happened to Rize?

    What happened to Rize is something I've been curious about for a while now. Did she ally herself with Anteiku? Did she run off? Did someone kidnap her? I've been curious about her for sometime now....
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    [Discussion] Re: Will Sasaki defeat Arima?

    I don't see it happening as long as Haise sticks around at CCG. Haise is much stronger than Kaneki (until the Kakuja comes out), but there is no indication that Haise can handle a Ghoul above S-class...
  14. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 799 Discussion / 800 Predictions- Break this week

    Dressoras wasn't Doflamingo's crew vs. Luffy's crew, it was Doflamingo's army vs. Luffy's army. I don't think the characters Oda introduced are irrelevant because they give Luffy the military...
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    Re: So, wait, what exactly are God Hand's goal?

    The Idea of Evil, despite its name, doesn't want to bring humanity to its doom by actively plotting against humans. It only gives people what they desire the most, especially if there's a chance for...
  16. [Discussion] Re: All Might's Death and the Future full of sorrow life of Deku

    Too many death flags have been raised, but AM being allowed to retire is the best thing that could happen to him. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out his injuries have shortened his lifespan...
  17. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: The Gamer Chapter 97 Discussion / 98 Prediction

    Another good chapter that shows how well master and apprentice get along. Still, I'm wondering if Loli not passing on her death magic is a good thing. I know it's redundant if Jee-Han shows those...
  18. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 246 Discussion / 247 Predictions

    A while back I predicted Hwa Ryun would be the key to break Rachel's psychological hold over Baam. While events have progressed in ways outside of what I expected, my prediction was spot on. Rachel's...
  19. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 799 Discussion / 800 Predictions- Break this week

    For a long time now I've questioned the necessity of this arc's length. On one hand, the Rebecca subplot felt contrived and unnecessary. On the other hand, I could see why Oda introduced so many new...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: All 4 Yonko's Vs World Government

    I'm curious if Oda will ever reveal how the Revolutionaries tie into the balance of power. We already know Yonkou vs. Yonkou vs. Yonkou vs. Yonkou >= MHQ + 7 SB. I doubt the WG ever considered the...
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    [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 40 Discussion/41 Predictions

    True. More importantly though, he is still below Haise's foot...where he belongs. :lmao
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    [Discussion] Re: Hiatus X Hiatus

    Hunter x Hunter Hiatus Chart:
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    [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 33 Discussion/ 34 Predictions

    Yet another productive chapter. Haise confirms that Hinami's status cannot be held off indefinitely. At some point, Haise will have choose to let her die or break her out. Anyone care to wager what...
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    [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 32 Discussion/ 33 Predictions

    I don't think so because Ghouls are known for having heightened senses. I also don't think she can communicate with her allies. Then again, you never know. There could be a mole for Aogiri within CCG...
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    [Discussion] Re: Crocodile powerscaling

    Honestly, I blinked when I saw your response. It's been a while since I've been forced to correct such an uninformed poster.

    - Aokiji effortlessly defeated both Robin and Luffy and tanked...
  26. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 789 Discussion / 790 Predictions-Break this week

    I think we can because the odds of another timeskip occurring are pretty small. Also, how long someone has been training doesn't mean anything. Law defeated Vergo despite Vergo having more combat...
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    [Discussion] Re: Crocodile powerscaling

    Crocodile's level was adjusted to meet the needs of the plot, hence the sharp contradictions in showings. It was inevitable with the seeping power inflation that has hit One Piece. Luffy seems to be...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto Gaiden 7 Discussion / 8 Predictions

    The only thing I am miildly interested about the Sarada "revelation" is why it is a big secret. Regardless of Sarada's origins, she is a Senju/Uzumaki-Uchiha hybrid. She is a direct descendant of...
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    [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 32 Discussion/ 33 Predictions

    What I like best about this chapter is that the Hinami issue cannot be dragged on forever. Haise has a time limit before he loses ownership rights over her. I think the time limit is important for...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto Gaiden 7 Discussion / 8 Predictions

    I know it's confirmed Sarada has Karin's DNA. Has it been confirmed that Karin is the actual mother though? I mean, the whole revelation was announced in a chapter dedicated to cloning and other DNA...
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    [Question] Re: Do you think Guts will ever use his behelit?

    Guts probably couldn't get rid of the behelit even if he wanted to at this point. Assuming Miura finishes Berserk before he inevitably croaks, I think the behelit will serve two purposes: (1) Provide...
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    [Chapter] Re: Tokyo Ghoul:re 31.5 Discussion/ 32 Predictions

    Arima was capable of smiling? Also, lol @ bedhair. :lmao

    I'm enjoying Ishida's work more and more. The transition chapter is a nice change-of-pace with the action the auction raid had. Hinami's...
  33. Thread: Your Quirk

    by Franckie

    [Question] Re: Your Quirk

    Doppelganger. Nothing like being in 2+ places at once. While I, the original, kick back and relax, my copies are dealing with all the annoying aspects of life that I don't want to deal with (e.g....
  34. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Boku no Hero Academia 45 Discussion/46 Predictions

    I'm surprised Deku received so little support in terms of nominations. Deku came in first place in the marathon without using his Quirk. Likewise, he did pretty well in the human cavalry battle. And...
  35. [Chapter] Re: The Breaker: New Waves 199 Discussions / 200 Predictions [Final Chapter + Epilogue will be on May 1st]

    I was really surprised that Jinie was trained in the late Kwon's style of martial arts. I suppose the author is throwing her a bone since she is the official punching bag for Part II. It would be...
  36. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Boku no Hero Academia 39 Discussion/ 40 Predictions

    These last several chapters have been exceptionally excellent. Deku continues demonstrating why he is one of the best shounen protagonists at the moment. Can't wait for next chapter!
  37. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 224 Disscusion / 225 Predictions

    Agreed. Rachel still has an unhealthy psychological hold on Baam. I'm thinking these next few chapters might showcase Rachel's hold on Baam starting to loosen.

    Consider how Hwa Ryun is still in...
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    [Anime] Re: Tokyo Ghoul √A Anime Thread

    Hmm...After watching the final episode, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I like how they did things like expand Rize's roll in the series and I think Kaneki's slowly deteriorating sanity...
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    Poll: [Team] Re: TS Supernovas vs 3 admirals (any)

    Let's see...1on1, Admirals; 2on1, Admirals; 3on1, Supernovas, with extreme difficulty. The key problem is that we don't know how the other Supernovas compare to Luffy/Law/Kidd. There can huge gaps in...
  40. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: The Gamer Chapter 81 Spoiler Thread

    So the head honcho himself appears? I wasn't expecting a jester, but the allegory the chapter used is rather appropriate. I also like how the Company gives us a solid example of how people acquire a...
  41. [Chapter] Re: The Breaker: New Waves 197 Discussions/198 Predictions

    Predictably, GMR still feels something for his former apprentice, and I suspect the same is with Shioon. But reconciliation isn't going to be easy. GMR has done too much damage and his desire for...
  42. [Chapter] Re: The Breaker: New Waves 196 Discussions/197 Predictions

    So GMR and Sosul are being set up as witless pawns by Kaiser, eh? :lmao I can already see where this is going. They'll derail Kaiser's plans at the pivotal moment when they choose Shioon over him.
  43. [Chapter] Re: The Breaker: New Waves 195 Discussions/ 196 Predictions

    I can see your point. Yes, it would have looked good if Shioon had succeeded in inflicting a teeny-tiny scratch on his former sensei. Would it have made sense, however? No.

    Let me ask you this:...
  44. Sticky: Poll: [Chapter] Re: The Gamer Chapter 79 Discussion / 80 Prediction

    Doubt it. I do think her father will be taken away, however. Also, I doubt her curse will be removed, though the effects may lessen.
  45. [Chapter] Re: The Breaker: New Waves 195 Discussions/ 196 Predictions

    People think Shioon is Grandmaster-class at this point in the story? :-_- Remember Jung Chun vs. Kwon? Kwon annihilated him. Even with BOT boosting Shioon's prowess, the boost wouldn't be enough to...
  46. [Chapter] Re: The Breaker: New Waves 164 Discussion / 165 Predictions

    I'm liking the implications of SUC being a well-run terrorist organization. (That is what SUC does, after all.) With Kaiser's backing, they'll become far more dangerous if they succeed in sacking...
  47. [Shounen] Re: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi by Matsuena Syun

    Reading this chapter reminds me of why I haven't bothered with HSDK for quite a while now. Some inconsistencies are inevitable because Matsuena doesn't have full-control over the material. He has to...
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    [Discussion] Re: Power balance inconsistency

    Welcome to the rampant power inflation of Part II, which has exploded several times over the course of the manga. I think the powerscaling would have remained conservative had Kishimoto opted to keep...
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    Re: obito still alive

    One last thing to add for Tobi: When he was revealed as 'Madara', the plot ceased making sense at that point.
  50. Poll: [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 150 Discussion / 151 Predictions

    I always enjoy seeing Sera in action. Like her design and the contrast she has with Jinie.

    Anyway, ChaoticKen makes several interesting points. I've always been intrigued with the sharp contrasts...
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