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    Re: 20th Century Boys - The Movie Trilogy: Chapter One [Extented Trailer Inside]

    Hmm I dont normally use torrent, it's just too slow for me :notrust Rapidshare is the best :)
    But anyway, this is what I found
    I cant download from there though, probably membership...
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    Re: 20th Century Boys - The Movie Trilogy: Chapter One [Extented Trailer Inside]

    The DVDRip/Eng subs version of 20th century boys movies-Chapter one is available for download, as someone has posted it in the following links:
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    [Seinen] Re: 20th Century Boys by Urasawa Naoki (v22)

    As I see it, most of the discussion of this awesome series is going on in the other thread: 21st Century Boys
  4. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 39-40 Discussion/Roads 41-42 Predictions

    The way Takahashi does it, looks like none of the previously known shoots will work. And yeah, Genzo has become some kind of monster. So I think the match will build up to a climax where Schneider...
  5. Road To 2002 Roads 39-40 Discussion/Roads 41-42 Predictions

    Another weekends have arrived, with new chapters of RT2002 for our enjoyment. Big thanks to Shinji as usual.

    And since noone has created a new discussion thread, I assume I will take the...
  6. Re: Road To 2002 Road 37-38 Discussions/Road 39-40 Predictions

    Two simultaneous matches, meaning the fun is doubled. Still, more focus can be placed on Bayern - Hamburg which has more potentials. I expect Bayern to at least equalize in their home stadium.
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    [Seinen] Re: Billy Bat by Urasawa Naoki

    This guy has recently posted a summary of Billy Bat chapter 5 on his blog.

    On the same blog, many interesting stuffs about Naoki Urasawa can be found for...
  8. Re: [Discussion] Road To 2002 Road 33-34 Discussions/Road 35-36 Predictions

    What I enjoy the most from chapter 34 is the adorable little kid. Otherwise things are awesome as usual.

    Oh yeah, happy new year .:beer:beer:beer Hope 2009 will be another year full of CT for us...
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    [Seinen] Re: Billy Bat by Urasawa Naoki

    I heard that Billy Bat has been taking a break after chapter 4, is that right? Do anyone know when it will resume?
  10. Re: Road To 2002 Road 24 Discussion/Road 25 Predictions

    I also had a lot of troubles with blank boxes, empty reply and stuffs... using I.E. In Firefox it seems ok, for me at least. Conclusion: dont use I.E. (j/k) :D:D

    Now for Misaki's club, I'm...
  11. Re: Road To 2002 Road 21 Discussion/Road 22 Predictions

    I am fine with this actually. After all it makes us think "Ah, so this is really the Series A...", and it would appeal directly to real soccer fans, e.g., a double bonus for someone who is fan of...
  12. Road To 2002 Road 21 Discussion/Road 22 Predictions

    Come on guys, new chapter is out. Discuss! :p

    Looks like more and more mocked real-life players coming our way.
  13. Re: Road to 2002 Road 19 Discussion/Road 20 Predictions

    On the topic, isn't there a Bara or whatsoever guy in World Youth who tries to turn Santana into 'Soccer Cyborg' and a money making machine for him? That sure is evil in a sense :)
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    [Seinen] Re: Undead by Inoue Kazurou

    Oh no, it was cancelled??? Last week when I passed by Kinokuniya I still saw Undead there in the Big Comic spirit. although I didnot understand what is going on there I got the feeling that the...
  15. Re: Road To 2002 Road 16 Discussion/Road 17 Predictions

    Given the time of this manga is about 2000, we may also want to hypothesize that

    Luikal = Patrick Kluivert
    Overus = Marc Overmars

    I dont think Rechard is Rustu as he hadnt joined Barca...
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    [Seinen] Re: Undead by Kazurou Inoue

    Undead is worth reading, and I 've always liked Inoue's style and arts. Still, with just short stories I dont think it will last long like Midori or Kora. What's ur idea, anyone?
  17. Replies

    Re: What soccer mangas you can recommend?

    CT is a more serious manga where guys aim for glory and stuffs, while Itto is fully comedy-oriented with funny players and matches, deliquent street fights, etc. i.e. totally different soccer...
  18. Replies

    Re: Captain Tsubasa WY ch60 pg57-58

    Nice effort man. Still I have the same concern here. FYI, Sweden national team's colors are yellow shirt/blue short/yellow socks. And Japan's are blue/white/blue. Check out wikipedia if u can.:amuse
  19. Replies

    Re: World Youth - Chapter 58 discussion

    The "Mr. Marco Basten" coach must be derived from Marco Van Basten, no? :p But the real one has never coached Sampdoria before.

    So we already saw Gullit and 'Van Basten'. I wonder if there is a...
  20. Replies

    Re: Thanks Shinji Thread

    Yeah I hope he will not be discouraged by anything and continue this energetic pace. We are all looking fwd to more CT :D
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    Re: World Youth - Chapter 52 discussion

    Err... somehow mediafire works well in the South east asia region I guess... So I downloaded the file and read it. Not seen one full of actions for a long time. But I'd better refrain from discussing...
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    Re: World Youth - Chapter 45 predictions

    Well I regret that things like that happened. CT was a very popular manga in my country when I was young. It could have been much more perfect if Taka could freely do what he wanted to do. :p
  23. Replies

    Re: World Youth - Chapter 45 predictions

    Hi, Shinji. Ur info sounds bad. As a CT fan I 'd like to know more what sort of troubles there were between the author and the editor & the consequences. If it is too much of a spoiler would u mind...
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