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    [Discussion] Re: Underrated J/K Pop Artists?

    Last year I knew a k-pop boyband called U-kiss, and I really like them because their style is so cool, they are so handsome and talented, and I don't understand why they are underrated, their dancing...
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Current Favorite K-song

    Sistar - Alone I'm not really into girls group, but I loved this song.

    and Super junior's brand new song Sexy, free and single
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    [Discussion] Re: Seiyuu: Anime Voice Actors

    Really!? what character voiced Jun Fukuyama in a H anime? I wanna see that xD, he always performances serious characters, doing a hentai character is kinda funny xD
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    Poll: [Favorites] Re: Favorite Ashirogi Muto Manga

    I voted for money and intelligence, the plot is twisted and psychological, they are really good with seinen stories, it's a shame they never serialized this manga, but maybe in the future they will...
  5. Re: Parodies of Anime Openings/Endings

    Code geass - hikari (Nabari no ou ED)

    Code Geass + Yu Yu Hakusho OP (this is amazing!!!)
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    [Shoujo] Watashi ni XX shinasai by Tooyama Ema

    Title: わたしに××しなさい! Watashi Ni XX Shinasai! (Do XX to me!)
    Authored by Tooyama Ema
    Serialized by Nakayoshi
    Pubished by : Kodansha...
  7. Poll: [Discussion] Re: The winner of the romance theme will be...

    the winner will be between aoki or hiramaru, because everybody loves the impossible love story, people are always touched by this drama, and on the other hand boys love romantic comedy stories, but I...
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    [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 211 Spoiler Thread

    Nice chapter!

    I'm starting to love Gazillexlevy relationship, they're getting closer and closer, the heart in the iron word was so cute :D

    I think Erza will fight with Ultear, cuz erza has to...
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    [Discussion] Re: Seiyuu: Anime Voice Actors

    He's my favourite seiyuu too, he really surprises me with his versatility, he changes his voice so easyly, Lelouch voice is so deep and serious, Aidou (vampire knight) is so soft and femenine, Grell...
  10. [Discussion] Re: What Manga would you like to see scanlated?

    new code geass manga: shikkoku no renya
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    Re: Your personal harem

    Male harem:

    1) Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code geass)
    2) Kiryuu Zero (Vampire knight)
    3) Lockon Stratos (Gundam 00)
    4) Light Yagami (Death Note)
    5) Hei (Darker than black)
    6) Sasuke Uchiha...
  12. [Discussion] Re: What anime are you watching and next on your list?

    right now I'm watching the book of bantorra and unfinished anime I'm watching fairy tail, durarara, B gata H kei, naruto shippuuden and seikon no qwaser
  13. [Discussion] Re: What is your most strongly disliked character in the anime world?

    the most I hate is the master Scythe from requiem for the phantom and then there are other characters that I can't tolerate like Suzaku and Charles from Code geass , Orochimaru and Madara from Naruto
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    [Discussion] Re: Depressing Anime's

    depressing anime

    1)Air tv
    4)Elfen lied
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    [Favorites] Re: What is your favorite pairing or pairings in the anime world?

    1) Lelouch x C.C (Code geass)
    2) Reiji X Ellen (Requiem for the phantom)
    3) Zero X Yuuki (Vampire Knight)
    4) Hei X Yin (Darker than black)
    5) Renton X Eureka (Eureka 7)
    6) Dominic X Anemone...
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    Poll: Re: Fairy Tail Beauty Pageant!

    obviously I vote myself, I am the hottest fairy tail girl xDDDD
  17. Re: Fairy Tail 163 Discussion / 164 Predictions

    is true that Urtear isn't holy mage just a council member, but gerard does is
  18. Re: Fairy Tail 163 Discussion / 164 Predictions

    There's another reason for crying T___T

    this chapter was beautiful and emotive, Erza almost made cry, this is so sad, the fact she remembered that her second name was given by gerard is cute,...
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    Re: Bakuman 63 Discussion/64 Predictions

    Shujin is an ass! he really didn't care how miyoshi was feeling, I am sure that Saiko will push him when he notices he is getting in troubles with azuki too, I know that the manga is pretty important...
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    Poll: Re: Who is your favorite member of Fairy Tail guild?

    I preffer NatsuXLucy, both are funny they will be great as couple, with Erza is weird because she is older and I think she loves him more like a brother Erza looks amazing with Gerard/Mistgun :D I...
  21. Re: Fairy Tail 159 Discussion / 160 Predictions

    this theory is intersting, because is weird that Gerard was taking care a child when at that age he was caught by the darkness maybe could be another person specifically Mistgun but there's an...
  22. Re: Fairy Tail 159 Discussion / 160 Predictions

    the chapter make us think (or great majority) that Gerard died because he received zero´s power to protect Natsu, besides he gave Natsu a power and probably he lost all his power doing that, and...
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