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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 637 Discussion / 638 Predictions

    if i was nruto i keep beating hell out of obito and ask sakura to heal him then again keep beating :chair

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  2. [Theory] Re: Naruto is Getting Closer to the Sage of Six Paths!

    leave it to kisi he will come up with something so no need to argue enjoy manga and anime
  3. [Discussion] Re: Should Sasuke be Hokage or even a Hokage candidate?

    Hokage isnt just someone strong he is a ninja which should have good realations(not with just ladies lol) with other ninjas even itachi said to naruto that his father was hokage because village...
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    [Discussion] Re: Is Naruto the next Sage Of The Six Path's?

    its going to be naruto i will give many reason 1) hint tailed beasts agreed that he is sage of six path they take him as father their they will be mistaken 2) naruto is main char. 3) He forgave pain...
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