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  1. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 379 Spoiler Thread

    A very impressive artwork. It looks promising. After a year or longer without reading Noblesse I thought it was steadily dropping in quality but I'm happily wrong :) It's still a great manghwa
  2. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 336 Discussion / 337 Predictions

    Yeah, we all know that Noblesse is not it used to be at all and so... but I still enjoyed this chapter before the last scene: I'm soooo disappointed... I hoped these latest filler chapters would at...
  3. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 336 Spoiler Thread again?
  4. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 335 Discussion / 336 Predictions

    I agree. Despite being filler it has been a good and fun chapter.
  5. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse 334 Spoiler Thread.

    Nothing new, any new info about characters, nor enemies... fix the kitchen is all we got. Definetly authors have run out of ideas

  6. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 333 Spoiler Thread

    Gejutel is under lord's pressure
  7. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 333 Spoiler Thread

    Funny but another wasteful chapter
  8. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 332 Disscussion / 333 Prediction

    What is clearing up from this flashback is that Muazaka is a good guy but too naive, enough for having his underlings plotting something to get rid of him, like contracting and manipulating humans to...
  9. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 331 Disscussion / 332 Prediction

    It seems egs releases are only available via IRC chat

    Here are the instructions on how to connect egs IRC...
  10. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 330 Disscussion / 331 Prediction

    I agree author is run out of ideas. Pacing is too slow. I still hope much better chapters
  11. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 329 Discussion/330 Prediction

    Mohsen and strixflash, why do you think Muzaka has to be necessary stupid? Despite being the lord, what if he doesn't mind in his underlings private business? I think he doesn't care what his...
  12. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 329 Spoiler Thread

    looks interesting

    PD: official translation
  13. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 328 Discussion/329 Prediction

    I remember union elders talking about the "others" when they learned about the Noblesse. So chances to be other faction besides the union are high. Also, it is a fact there are "traitor" clan leaders...
  14. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 328 Discussion/329 Prediction

    yes! batoto seems still to host egs releases
  15. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 328 Discussion/329 Prediction


    Does anyone host EGS releases of noblesse?
  16. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 328 Discussion/329 Prediction

    Has been the series deleted from EGS? I'm unable to read any chapter of Noblesse on egs
  17. Replies

    Poll: Re: Noblesse 328 Review

    I think Garda is Muzakas's daughter, who was killed
  18. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 327 Discussion/328 Prediction

    The first part of the chapter was interesting. Muzaka, as well as the nobles, isn't able to formulate a proper strategy and get fooled, also we found Muzaka lost his daughter. What if she remained...
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    Poll: Re: Noblesse 326 Review

    My first poll succeeded xD :celebrate

    I agree plot and art need improving, there are elements that can keep the plot interesting enough.
  20. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 326 Discussion/327 Prediction

    A little dissappointed after translation :wtf I expected a marriage query btw Rai and Raskreia.
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    Poll: Re: Noblesse 325 Review

    I'd say even the lord was not sure if this would heal him. But I wonder if having this soul weapon working with him implies Rai belongs to the royal family of Lukedona
  22. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 325 Discussion/326 Prediction

    mmmm... interesting chapter.
  23. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 324 Discussion/325 Prediction

    In the last panel it seems she's drawing him with ragnarok. Do you think she's really come to heal him?

    Arrghh this has been one of the worst cliffhangers :fail
  24. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 323 Discussion/324 Prediction

    Despite being predictible and a extremely slow paced chapter, I enjoyed, it has been a good combat chapter and better than last week's
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    [Chapter] Re: Berserk 335 Spoiler Thread

    How long will we have to wait until the next chapter?
  26. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 321 Discussion/322 Prediction

    There is no review this week?
  27. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 319 Spoiler Thread

    Is back! :party
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Noblesse Hangout Thread

    I don't speak korean, but as naver states seemingly next release is scheduled for the 29th of April.. or maybe just the artist is discharged by then
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Noblesse Hangout Thread

    Still on break? :facepalm
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Noblesse Chapter 319 Spoiler Thread *The delay due to illness has been extended"*

    In such case Muzaka should write the end :teehee
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Noblesse Chapter 319 Spoiler Thread *The delay due to illness has been extended"*

    Artist has to be seriously ill. Hope he'll get well soon.
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    [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 319 Spoiler Thread *The delay due to illness has been extended"*

  33. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 318 Discussion/319 Prediction

    The most interesting will be the battle of RK's against Kentas and see how much they have improved.
  34. Replies

    Poll: Re: Noblesse Chapter 317 Review

    I think he 3rd Elder is like an enhanced human, his blue eyes and he told Dr. Crombell to takeover 9th Elder's position since "we need to evolve"... I think he refers to humans
  35. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 316 Discussion/317 Prediction

    Despite being intially a boring and short chapter, and I myself critizised it, I got the feeling it is like a farewell chapter of Rai. Knowing he is about to die, he wished to see off his friends and...
  36. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 316 Discussion/317 Prediction

    The worst chapter I read in very long :fail
  37. Replies

    Poll: Re: Noblesse Chapter 315 Review

    Thanks for this great review. I doubt Rai will die, I also like the way Noblesse is focusing his end but authors would risk to loss a big part of its fan base, altough Rai's role in this history...
  38. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 315 Discussion/316 Prediction

    I've got the feeling at least one of the 1st or 3rd Elder is a human.
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    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Antagonist

    I support Crombell and Lady Werewolf
  40. Replies

    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Male Character

    I support Frankestein from Noblesse
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    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Action/Adventure Series

  42. Replies

    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Overall Manhwa Series

    Noblesse and The Breaker
  43. Replies

    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Female Character

    I support

    Seira J. Loyard from Noblesse

    Lady WV from Noblesse --> I like her so much I think I'd have a crush on her if such character existed.
  44. Replies

    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Fight Sequence

    I support Goonmonryong vs Martial Arts Alliance from The Breaker
  45. Replies

    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Pairing/Couple

    I support Lady WW x Frankestein from Noblesse
  46. Thread: Best Artwork

    by Mister K

    Poll: [Voting] Re: Best Artwork

    I support Noblesse and The Breaker
  47. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 314 Discussion/315 Prediction

    A typical wrap up chapter. I'm not dissappionted despite it felt to short, it is all that I expected this chapter to be. I enjoyed the Karias scene tough :smile-big
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    Poll: Re: Noblesse Chapter 312 Review

    One thing is for sure: Rai is trying Muzaka to stop him from doing something, maybe harm humans, nobles or whatever. Also, as F. said, getting rid of Rai was part of a bigger plan meticulosly plotted...
  49. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 312 Discussion/313 Prediction

    WOOOW! With flashback included! Just the kind of chapter I was hoping. But it got too short! Noblesse hasn't still reached its top. I've become a fan of Muzaka
  50. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse Chapter 311 Discussion/312 Prediction

    I guess now is time for a flashback of what happened btw Muzaka and the Noblesse. Things have gotten specially interesting after learning Muzaka was the Noblesse's only friend. Rai in some moment...
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