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    [Discussion] Re: Theories about Mainland.

    If the mainland continent is Asia or Eurasia, then the two factions there must be extremely huge empires. The size of the one of the two empires is most certainly larger than modern China + India...
  2. [Question] Why do some male characters look like females?

    Kurapika, Alluka, Kalluto, Pitou, and etc are all males but take on the appearances of females. Is there a reason togashi is doing this or is it just a fad he's into. :teehee
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    [Theory] Re: The Residents of Meteor City Theory

    This can't be true or at least togashi messed up that part because wasn't hisoka's death also faked. Hisoka is clearly in the international database no? Correct me if i'm wrong.

    Edit: nvm i...
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    [Chapter] Re: Berserk 328 Spoiler

    It's so strange. Seems like an editorial mistake or it's uber funky. The art is so off! Guts head is so big compared to his shoulders. It's like a newbie artist got hired and slapped on Miura's...
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    [Josei] Re: [Josei] Usagi Drop by Unita Yumi

    The ending felt very rushed, especially with Rin's feelings toward Daikichi. There were notes at the end of the chapter by Wow!scans that an extra volume was going to be released. Does anyone know...
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