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    Sticky: Re: Where Do You Come From?

    i'm from saudi arabia
    a country in the middle east to the east of egypt.
    we live in tents & ride camels to work looool:D just kidding..!

    I'm 22 & a big fan of one piece
    I watch other animes...
  2. [Discussion] Re: What do you think Kishimoto wants Sasuke to become in the end?

    will bring sasuke back to konoha by
    naruto will be the hokage and the old generation will have no say in the situation
    and the other's will have no power to oppose the...
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    Re: How did Rin die?

    may be he killed her for some other reason and boom he gets the mangkyou sharingn..:blink

    I like the idea of him killing her despite of the reason:eyeroll
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    Re: Just how much did Orochimaru know?

    he knew alot that's for sure..
    his goal was to learn all the jetso(or ninjetso) so I'm sure he knew about Izanagi & Sanju's abilities & Uchiha's abilities including the MSs.. after all he's the one...
  5. Poll: [Favorites] Re: "Him again??" People we don't wanna see in the NW

    ivankov and all the gay guys....they are disgusting..ofc I want them to train sanji but no need to see them..!

    oda said eneru is coming back?:darn when?
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    [Favorites] Re: Which DF ability do you want the most?

  7. [Discussion] Re: Hana Hana no Mi, the most powerful fruit?

    if robin can grow an arm to the inside of the oppenent's body & smash his/her heart she will be untouchable & she can really role the world ofcours she needs haki to this..

    it's just something I...
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