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  1. [Submissions] Re: MangaHelpers Art Contest Week 09-10 ~ Photography - From dusk to dawn

    Mauna Kea Hawaii by Kicker of Elves
    DSCN2338 by matthewnoise, on Flickr
  2. [Discussion] Re: Kabuto's missing zombies

    Great idea for a thread man if I may suggest something to consider Kabuto's board would be a good idea to keep a count on how many zombies he has at the moment.

    The best picture I could find was ...
  3. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 508 Spoiler Discussion

    I like how kishi is showing a real depth to Kisame in his final moments.

    I'm ok with Madara vs Konan it would be cool if she sent Konoha a scroll with intel. I think that she was one of the few...
  4. Re: Look who's back, again! Naruto 467 review!

    It's great time to be a Naruto fan, between the current anime episodes, the new arc, and now you're back to reviews. It's a real treat to read your opinions again. I loved how Gara's face dropped...
  5. Poll: Re: Class is in Session! Naruto 453 Review

    Great review as always, but man what an eff up by sleepyfans. It looks like madara has had his eye on sauske for quite awhile now going back to
    I love the...
  6. Re: Gold Knight's Ten Comments (Naruto 440)

    Hi GK, Great review, however there was one thing I thought was overlooked. During Minato's talk with Naruto he mentioned how the current ninja system will create another creature like Pain. It...
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