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    [Question] Re: could the new abyssal ones go to human form

    Pricilla did not return to human form after slaughtering Teresa, Noel, Sophia and nearly Irene.. She just flies away. I think they are on a high from newly awakening and don't consider that they...
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    Poll: Re: Claymore 126- Parting and Demise- Review

    I agree too much is going on for Claymore to end anytime soon, unless of course Yagi is forced to by the ultimate creativity killers of all!! EDITORS!! Lol.
  3. Poll: [Discussion] Re: The AO Ranking and Discussion Thread (Spoiler Warning)

    I don't see Hysteria would win against pretty much most of the other AOs, sure she has speed, but her attack and defence just suck. Under normal circumstances fighting organisation warriors, she...
  4. [Discussion] Re: Something interesting in Teresa's generation with AB

    Alicia and Beth were engineered to destroy AB like Riful, so it would make sense that they are stronger. The first time you see Riful's awakened form, Alicia and her trainer are watching and it is...
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    Re: Notable Nameless Warriors.

    I haven't got my books with atm (in transition moving house) otherwise I'd checked them to see if it was any clearer.

    Can definately confirm N2 in that chapter, she has her own little box, page...
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    [Question] Re: Question about Rafaela

    In the first chapter when we meet Clare and Raki, the first yoma that is introduced is Raki's older brother Zaki. On page 36 Zaki states that he ate Raki's brother, his body and brain whole. On the...
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    Re: Notable Nameless Warriors.

    Can almost make out a symbol for N2 in Chapter 65, Pg 8 and you can see the top of a symbol on N1 in the same chapter but Pg 12 - hope this helps
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    [Theory] Re: Dragons: why haven't we seen them yet?

    Doesn't anyone think it odd that the explanation to Miria is that the dragons kept deep within the org (which are supposedly still alive) are used to infect humans with the yoma virus (so direct...
  9. [Discussion] Re: Something interesting in Teresa's generation with AB

    I realise that this is an old thread but I had a few thoughts about the clare/detroyer blob etc...

    Firstly though; I think I have to agree that Clare does care about humans, especially their...
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