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  1. [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 146 Discussion / 147 Prediction

    I'm now looking forward to 147 and hoping that 9AD will drop a murim-gruesome beating (i.e. several broken bones and glasses dude realizing their difference in power - nothing beats despair).
  2. Thread: Philippines

    by NosremeNad

    [Country] Re: Philippines

    Is this thread still alive? lol.
  3. [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 144 Spoiler Thread

    I hope GMR and Shioon would do a little toe-to-toe. lol.

    I thought GMR would go BOT then Shioon would be the one to stop him on a later time. It came sooner though.

    Nice chapter btw.
  4. Replies

    Re: Pinoy Community v. 19- Just Walking After You...

    Hi there fellow countrymen. lol.

    Just a newbie here at

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