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  1. Berserk: Overwritten, fan edit of a fan translation

    So I'm writing my own Berserk translation, and I'm doing it by editing the fan translation done by Band of the Hawk. I'll be posting what I have here in the form of Mediafire links. I try to do one...
  2. [Question] Re: Need help translating a page in chapter 5

    Awesome. Thanks a ton, guys.

    This thread's over now I guess, but if you like I'll make another one for my personal Berserk: Overwritten edit job. Though, I'm not quite sure where to put it.

  3. [Question] Need help translating a page in chapter 5

    Background: I'm sure most people here are familiar with the Band of the Hawk fan translation of Berserk, seeing as it's the only fan translation of Berserk I've ever been able to find. I'm sure it's...
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