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    Re: [Webtoon] KUBERA by currygom

    Yeah it is really good. So the death priest confirmed Asha probably was not trying to kill her so what was the purpose? Maybe an attempt to draw out something in a near death experience perhaps?
  2. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse: Chapter 270 Discussion/271 Predictions

    I say the werewolf is probably the strongest and she will be the one to overwhelm Frankenstein/Rajak or both.
  3. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 129 Discussion/130 Predictions

    I do not think much is going to happen between those two. Koon is not the type to just let Viole go, especially if he knew he was really Baam. Also, considering that this arc is just a prelude to the...
  4. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 128 Discussion/129 Predictions

    The company's scan is out on with afterword.
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