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  1. [Question] Re: were kisame and itachi actually close friends? or did they just work well together?

    i believe Kisame knew everything about Itachi and possibly every other member to due to his rank and loyalty traits. coupled with his skills he was a prime find for Obito under the guise of...
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    Re: Poor Yamato...

    he's the exit strategy
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    Re: The Jyuubi is a flower?

    you're SEVERELY downplaying Kakashi's ability
  4. [Question] Re: Will Orochimaru reach the ultimate goal? Final antagonist?

    if Madara isn't the final villain then Oro definitely will be. In retrospect he's the driving force of the series in some degree (he and Madara) and also connects the past present and future...
  5. [Question] Re: Nagato is an Uzumaki or Senju, Kishi's Cliffhanger to the fans.. or its just me..

    I still hold to the theory that the Uchiha and Senju originated from the Uzumaki and all three are triangularly related. mind-body-spirit so to say
  6. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 627 Sasuke's Reply

    im anxious to see madara vs hashirama once more. Madara has several new movepools including hashirama's power and the rinnegan same for obito. with the third transformation about to take place, i...
  7. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 626 Hashirama and Madara 2

    me personally I've always felt, especially as madara's history was/is revealed, that the Senju and now the 2nd in particular were the "blind enemy". Madara basically predicted the future of what...
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    Re: Naruto 626 Review

    as far as predictions go, I believe once Madara showed Hashirama the tablet and its ultimate purpose of all duality/unison (which resembles alchemy btw so kudo's to the fma head nod) he had already...
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    Poll: Edo Tensei vs Mugen Tsukuyomi

    After re-reading 619 something caught my eye.

    The dialogue here between Oro and Tobirama then to Tobirama and Hashirama implies a few...
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    [Theory] Re: SO6P was an Uzumaki.

    no, thats not what i was saying at you fool. i was saying, stop restating the same the fact in a way that is already known. that should be held as a constant. form it a theory off the bat, the facts...
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    [Discussion] Re: What happened to the Uzumaki

    i was thinking maybe after the kyubi attack with the 4th. they may have thought the uzu were behind it or went to steal proper sealing method, etc. potentially another setup. naruto's true identity...
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    [Theory] Re: SO6P was an Uzumaki.

    lets stop rephrasing the fact the senju, uchiha and uzumaki are related but focus on the fact that its still not explicitly stated how the uzumaki and senju come into play. This doesn't mean the...
  13. [Discussion] Re: What will Naruto's future rep. be like after the war?

    after the war is over i think the concept of shinobi, village, etc. will be redefined or restructured once more like Hashirama and Madara came together to do with Sasuke and Naruto as the two heads....
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 624 Discussion / 625 Predictions

    wow I was spot on with Tobirama and Izuna predictions. And seeing as Tobirama wasn't killed by his brother...I'm assuming Madara's ultimate plan was to undo everything erected by the senju. Great...
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    Re: Forgotten Eyes

    they'll def be revisited. Sharingan with no mangekyou at this point are like philosophers stones. With the right elements you can use izanagi which basically defies reality. Those had to be Tobi's...
  16. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 623 A Glimpsev

    nice review. I have similar predictions. the symmetry references you brought up have shaped an idea for me that Izuna may kill Butsuma and Tobirama will kill Tajima (proving their prowess as...
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    Re: Early Senju vs Uchiha skirmishes.

    lately i've been thinking of some ideas similar to this. My theory is that over time (based on the events of the upcoming 624) Madara and Hashirama were pushed to the front of the clans as leaders...
  18. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 622 The Other Side

    i think Hashirama's comments will cover what a shinobi is. Tobirama will cover what a village is (based on his prime taking place once the system of shinobi-village-kage was established) and sarutobi...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 622 Discussion / 623 Predictions

    im beginning to think more and more the senju clan are truly corrupt and hashirama was the only of them with sense but they somehow used his kind image to take over konoha once it was established...
  20. [Question] Re: How would YOU kill/defeat Naruto? (Literally and Figuratively)

    i wanted to see him die by being absorbed into Gedo Mazo before the transformation but thats done -_-..
    I guess now I'd like to see either tobi and/or preferably madara to kill him during their...
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    Re: How many times has Madara technically died now lol?

    Its quite obvious Madara is waiting for something else to happen or his true plans aren't what he's saying.
    He's really in the best position overall. He's immortal and can't be defeated by the...
  22. [Discussion] Orochimaru's Secret Scroll : Ultimate Senjutsu

    After reading 616 and seeing the Snake team back on panels, I looked back on the chapters right before they kind of disappeared and began thinking of their potential involvement..
    All I could think...
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    Re: I WAS RIGHT - On Zetsu being the big bad

    If this holds true, then Madara is still control in terms of the Moons Eye and Juubi. If zetsu is the conscious form of the juubi via Hashiramas influence and black zetsu holds Madara's will that...
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    [Discussion] Re: Zetsu's recording ability

    I have a feeling zetsus recording ability ties in somehow with Sasuke and Oro's current trip to find the ones who know everything.
    Sasuke's at least seen zetsu before, theres technically several of...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: I feel like Kishi betrayed us!

    if naruto specifically is your only character of interest then yes, but there are so many characters, developments and ideals attached you have to at least appreciate the compiled effort.
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    [Theory] Re: Obito is the true bad guy and NOT Madara?

    Naruto has no "villains" the stance is just relative to whatever stance you have. Madara wants to bring peace to the world through his own method, if you dont agree with that method that doesnt make...
  27. [Theory] Re: Naruto's possible role in Shikaku's plan - The Juubi's weakness

    this is where madara magically pulls out his sacred knowledge of senjutsu from some random beast famly
  28. Re: The Juubis FINAL transformation will be different than you think...

    I think it will look like gedo mazo but with 10 tails, a larger bulb or bloomed flower/forest, one eye with 9 tomoe or 9 eyes with regular sharingan (i also foresee spare mangekyou sharingan coming...
  29. [Question] Re: What could Kishimoto do in Naruto that would troll us the most?

    1000 years of death kyubi naruto rasenganshuriken bijuu ball to the juubi.
    Sacrifice no Jutsu to sasuke
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    [Discussion] Re: jyuubi = lame?

    i think people are looking at it in the wrong light. If the Gedo Mazo was the Juubi relieved of it's chakra in the form of the other tailed beasts why would it would transform upward into a more...
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    Poll: [Hangout] Re: Predict how the Juubi will be defeated

    other: madara will succeed and naruto storyline takes a turn for legendary
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    [Theory] Re: Madaras biggest lie!

    or...the truth has been in plain sight. Madara is the second of the 6 paths. Infinite Tsukiyomi will just be another weapon he wields...he may have even used it before, and kishi will do a "madara...
  33. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who do you think is the one who knows everything?

    I think the scroll and the all knowing beings are related to Madara/Uchiha lineage and the Moons Eye Plan.
    Suigetsu mentioning that sasuke could be able to use it with time hints at the Sharingan...
  34. Thread: Kishimoto

    by Sanga Au79

    [Discussion] Re: Kishimoto

    why are people always so butthurt about the story? Yes there are incosistencies..No the story is not fully complete (which means theres room for closure) Yes the story has panned out many people...
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    [Discussion] Re: Why did Obito massacre the Uchihas?

    Madara is like Palpatine to Obito: Anakin then to Vader. Once he learned everything that was relevant to know he not only continued the wishes of his master, but also went on to do actions in his own...
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    [Discussion] Re: Moon Eye Plan

    The Moons Eye Plan is essentially the Matrix
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    [Theory] Re: Black Zetsu's origin

    I think black zetsu is connected to madaras life force of course vs the white ones being from the first hokage. But i think in contrast to the white ones theres only 1 black zetsu, and may even be...
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    [Theory] Re: Madara and Obito in a single body

    I agree with some parts of this. I do believe the current Tobito we are seeing has both sen and uch combined into his one being. I also believe somewhere, somehow the original madara is still alive....
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    [Discussion] Re: Madara afraid of Obito?

    When Kabuto summoned Madara originally Obito froze dead in his tracks..and for the most part it seems lately Obito was trying to cover up his inconsistency behind him claiming to be madara. (or at...
  40. [Discussion] Re: Obito should have been left dead by the author.

    I personally like the route with how things have unfolded. I've always wanted to see Kakashi more involved with the storyline and its amazing because if you look at it, he's one of the 4 strongest...
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    [Discussion] Re: What was the purpose of Tobi's Mask?

    is it not logical that as he was impersonating madara he couldnt show his face because people might recognize him, but he at one time showed his face to a certain group of people (who are probably...
  42. [Theory] Re: How Itachi and Obito awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan

    though there have been methods explained in the manga, i've written them off as potential lies all stemming from Tobito and based on the fact that we haven't seen 2 mangekyou's obtained the same way...
  43. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 604 Reunion, and ...

    im glad you hinted at the cloak situation. the bulkiness and exozetsu bring up question about the 9tails attack vs the 4th Hokage and could explain it being a possible zetsu, madara, obito...
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    [Discussion] Re: Wtf is up with Orochimaru anyway?

    hmm, maybe orochimaru is from a special clan mixed of senju and uchiha but instead of sharingan he received hax life and physical force but darkened would explain a lot about him and his...
  45. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 603 Rehabilitation

    I see black zetsu as coming from another source (potentially madara himself) but maybe an opposite to white zetsu. His composition can be that of uchiha yang chakra while white zetsu is made of senju...
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    [Discussion] Re: Kyuubi recognized "Obito"

    if you look at the fight sequences and panels from Minato vs Tobi it sometimes looks like theres two people in tobis robe..or maybe Im over looking
  47. [Question] Re: whats The point of the tailed beasts names

    you ca see the sage of the six paths correlation already. thats obviously why that part of the story was inserted. gaara isnt confirmed dead, of course naruto can still make it to him gain his chakra...
  48. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who do you think is the one who knows everything?

    I believe its who or whatever Black Zetsu originated from. He has frequently mentioned in the series "he is from the earth itself" and could be immortal "recording" events throughout history. There...
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    [Discussion] Gaiden II: Obito??

    After the current set of events have lined up can anyone besides myself seeing a second "Gaiden" portion from Kishi? But rather than explain Obito's past from the 3rd War and backwards, instead do an...
  50. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Tobi/Obito is a Zetsu Hybrid

    I cant agree with you on his involvement with obito/madara as far as revival of the former i do foresee him being a bigger threat than he is made out to be.
    I do think there is some connection...
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