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    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: HSD Kenichi Spoiler Thread spoiler for chapter 534
  2. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 529 Discussion / 530 Predictions

    Finally, fan service, as super mario said "just what I needed"
  3. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 528 Discussion / 529 Predictions

    Kenichi with a katana would be f*cking awesome!
  4. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 525 Discussion / 526 Predictions

    ok, not much to add about this chapter, for me it was 3.5/5 chapter, not that bad but not that good. I'm curious about what will kenichi say when he arrives at ryouzanpaku with: miu super injured,...
  5. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 525 Discussion / 526 Predictions

    The day one piece ends is the day kenichi will fight saiga :shootme
  6. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 524 Discussion / 525 Predictions

    Holy whack unlyrical lyrics...this chapter...was...AWESOME! Tanaka freaking got his head exploded after biting kensei's neck, JESUS that's gruesome. I think kenichi already noticed that he ressembles...
  7. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 522 Discussion / 523 Predictions

    Well I think akisame said that for every time you kill you have to do a budha statue in order to get forgiven.
  8. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 522 Discussion / 523 Predictions

    Wow, my theory was correct. Tanaka's wife is dead, that is too sad...and dark. This twist is super cool but pretty dark, it doesn't sound like hsdk at all. Well now I think tanaka should become a...
  9. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 521 Discussion / 522 Predictions

    From 1 to Clannad how sad would it be if tanaka's wife and child were dead? Well this chapter was quite nice, tanaka's past was revealed, and a P-P-PLOT TWIST! That was unexpected, I think that...
  10. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 520 Discussion / 521 Predictions

    Wow, simply just wow, tanaka is "that" strong? Well kensei is gonna have some trouble dealing with him but he isn't a master that can be that easily defeated I mean he is a freaking OSNF member and...
  11. Replies

    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: HSD Kenichi Spoiler Thread

    Knew it. The masters where just f*cking around -_-
  12. [Shounen] Re: HSDK Chapter 519 Discussions / 520 Predictions

    Nah, the only interesting fight was siegfried vs hermit and for me it was long enough, chikage obviusly wouldnt kill anyone from the shinpaku alliance, and rachel vs renka...well you know. But I do...
  13. Replies

    Sticky: Poll: Re: Naruto 628 Discussion / 629 Predictions

    Boring chapter 4/10 I just want to see sasuke joining the war, he probably is gonna save naruto in the last second and say "you kay' scaredy cat" it would be epicly badass.
    I hate the fact that...
  14. Replies

    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: HSD Kenichi Spoiler Thread

    YES! I knew super master can't be touched by disciple, TAKE THAT KKCK! Nah just kidding, so tanak finallyy appeared huh? Well totally expected, I do believe that tanaka is by now a mid class master...
  15. [Shounen] Re: HSDK 517 Discussion/518 Predictions

    Well, yes and no. He was distracted with miu's fight so he wasn't paying attention to berserker, but it doesn't mean he was holding back.
  16. [Shounen] Re: HSDK 517 Discussion/518 Predictions

    Well ryuto said that if he used sei dou gou for more than 30 sec he would die, so I guess that sei dou gou is indeed a lethal technique for both the user and the opponent. I do think rimi is still...
  17. [Shounen] Re: HSDK 517 Discussion/518 Predictions

    Don't even think about it. If that happens I'll quit this series for real

    As things are going I think that kensei is gonna fall back with berserker and lugh. Probably rimi will be revived with...
  18. [Shounen] Re: HSDK 517 Discussion/518 Predictions

    Ok great chapter, my prediction was correct ryuto managed to control the sei dou gou without dying(for 30 seconds though).

    Why hasn't anybody mentioned the fact that kenichi got a direct blow...
  19. Re: Bib Boobs Karate Chapter 516 Discussions / 517 Predictions

    Well d-d-d-d-dats a twist! Why ryuto can use his legs again? I DON'T F*CKING KNOW!!! Doesn't matter his obviusly pissed, and know he is using sei dou gou! I bet that he will be the one that will use...
  20. Re: HSDK Chapter 515 discussion/ 516 predictions

    Actually they wanted kenichi to think they were displeased: but they were actually happy:...
  21. Re: HSDK Chapter 512 discussion/513 predictions

    But they have their reasons, one is that masters can't interfere in their disciples fights, also that using roar as one was ryutoo's decision even if that decision destroyed him.
    I also think the...
  22. Re: HSDK Chapter 511 Discussion / 512 Predictions

    Ah sh*t, berserker noticed that kenichi gets overpowered when miu is in the equation, I have this feeling that after miu gets rimi's ass kicked he's going to threat her life to get kenichi serious. ...
  23. Re: HSDK Chapter 508 Discussion / 509 Predictions

    You know what, deadbear may be right, after all kenichi gets a super power up when he's unconscious maybe in that state he manages to control he's sei ki to it's 100% but only on that state. If he...
  24. [Shounen] Re: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi Hangout

    I think that matsuena is taking a break everytime his second series come out.
  25. Re: HSDK Chapter 503 Discussion / 504 Predictions

    HAHAHA! man if that happens I'm going to your place to celebrate :spaz
  26. Re: HSDK Chapter 502 Discussion / 503 Predictions

    Yeah but put in consideration that kenichi did not used his full power to fight miu because of you know he loves her, she's a girl blah blah blah, and im not saying that rimi is weak, I'm saying that...
  27. Replies

    Re: HSDK 498 Discussion / 499 Predictions

    Ok so to sum the chapter up:
    -Takeda is going to learn super tecniques
    -Shiba is acting like the masters of ryouzanpaku when they had the plan of making kenichi live on ryouzanpaku which means...
  28. Re: HSDK Chapter 494 Discussion / 495 Predictions

    Takeda must not win! At least not yet, I will not accept another akira/jenazad bullsh*t, I actually would like an scenario where takeda loses but not dies and then he comes back for revenge and...
  29. Re: HSDK Chapter 492 Discussion / 493 Predictions

    Chapter is out, someone do the next thread!
  30. Re: HSDK Chapter 491 Discussion / 492 Predictions

    I think that the last of kensei's disciples isn't blind, I think he's eyes are a perfect form of the seidou gou.

    The battles that I think that will happen:
    Kenichi vs rare eyes guy
    Miu vs rimi...
  31. Replies

    Sticky: [Anime] Re: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi - Anime

    Fine, it's regular ecchi, if you compare it to the sh*tty arc a.k.a. Tidat arc.
  32. Replies

    Sticky: [Anime] Re: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi - Anime

    HOLY SH*T IS THE CHRISTOPHER ECLAIR ARC!!!!! this arc is one of my favorite ones also it's super ecchi :cheez I hope a trailer comes out this month also I hope this is the OVA that will make the...
  33. Re: HSDK Chapter 490 Discussion / 491 Predictions

    Chapter was really good, berserk being the 2nd disciple of kensei was pretty obvius, but this actually means that kensei is the next master that will fight with ryozanpaku. Now the question is, which...
  34. Replies

    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: HSD Kenichi Spoiler Thread

    Thaaaank you lord for finishing this nonsense of arc, now I can finally stop looking for new mangas :nerd. Yomi is back to business hell yea. I hope miu actually gets a hard fight against rimi, let's...
  35. Re: HSDK Chapter 487 Discussion / 488 Predictions


    Ok where do I start...well im totally with you in everything except the 2nd paragraph, as you may or may not know, kenichi's first ideal was to protect the...
  36. Re: HSDK Chapter 487 Discussion / 488 Predictions

    For kenichi to get to mastery he needs to dominate the power that he used against kano sho when he was unconscius, also he has to become strong enough to defeat any yami, and then if there's a...
  37. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 597 Discussion / 598 Predictions

    Sure as hell it is! But still we need and explanation from kishi, at least a chapter of flashbacks.
  38. Re: HSDK Chapter 485 Discussion / 486 Predictions

    Hey guys I don't think we're gonna have a chapter this week, well I hope that the only ones that took a break were the ones from the shonen jump but there's always the chance that the ones from the...
  39. Re: HSDK Chapter 485 Discussion / 486 Predictions

    That kyaaa is because she thinks it's cute to see kenichi and ukita talking about dates
  40. Poll: [Question] Re: What do you think of the ecchi level in HSDK?

    For me this manga has a perfect balance of ecchi, for the ones that actually read real ecchi manga you can even say that the ecchi in the manga is almost nothing, if you read to love ru dks you...
  41. Re: HSDK Chapter 485 Discussion / 486 Predictions

    Well as it seems it's not shiratori after all, so why is the dude so skilled? He is obviously more skilled than ukita so what the hell he learned martial arts from f**king nowhere or what? We need an...
  42. Re: HSDK Chapter 485 Discussion / 486 Predictions

    I will look for the page, I think it was like 432-434 I dont remember.
    I am sad about ukita too because that guy needs a master, and he seems like a guy that can be killed whenever matsuena wants...
  43. Re: HSDK Chapter 485 Discussion / 486 Predictions

    Is shiratoshi a member of titan? I mean this guy being the last disciple of kensei would be f**cking awesome an unexpected, well I got this idea from a commentary of a scanlator so not 100% sure that...
  44. Replies

    [Favorites] Re: History's Funniest Moments!

    I have a big list of funny moments but the best of the list is by far this one
  45. Replies

    Re: HSDK 484 Discussion / 485 Predictions

    Nah, seidou goui was an experiment which failed, but he kensei did teach it to shou so maybe he will teach it to rimi maybe he won't, but he definetly will teach to rimi some nukite tecniques and she...
  46. Replies

    Re: HSDK 484 Discussion / 485 Predictions

    If that ever happens I can assure youthat kenichi would go satsujiken, and kil whoever murder her. But it's never gonna happen, Matsuena would never try to do something that stupid.
  47. Replies

    Re: HSDK 484 Discussion / 485 Predictions

    You are overthinking it..."if I cant have her..I shall make her into food for my disciples" "her" is miu so if I ogata cant have miu then he will make his disciples kill her.

    P.S: how funny that...
  48. Replies

    Re: HSDK 484 Discussion / 485 Predictions

    Yeah, it's the kenichi dillema all over again, she gets stronger and stronger but miu is stronger when they fight. Abou ukita I dont really like him, in my opinion he is one of the shinpaku alliance...
  49. Replies

    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: HSD Kenichi Spoiler Thread

    A summary for you people:
    -Miu & rimi fight was exactly the same that in the past, actually matsuena repeated some dialogues from their last fight.
    -kenichi and ryuto didn't talk about anything...
  50. Replies

    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: HSD Kenichi Spoiler Thread

    At last my friends, matsuena finay started to draw some to love ru ecchi!
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