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    Re: Bleach 269 Review by Gigantor21

    I also have trouble in seeing how Rukia is going to be powerful enough to take Gin down as much as I can't see how Ichigo beating Aizen. Ichigo can have the power of worlds but he definitely needs a...
  2. Replies

    Re: Bleach 269 Review by Gigantor21

    Come to think of it, the thought of Gin vs. Rukia is an extension of the point that I disagree with you, which is about Rukia's bankai. Everything we can say about her obtaining bankai is speculation...
  3. Replies

    Re: Bleach 269 Review by Gigantor21

    Good reiew, though there are some points that I disagree but it depends most of interpretation more than solid facts so I don't bring them up but I just wanted to say that I don't think this was the...
  4. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: 268 Discussion [Bleach]

    I think it is about to like Rukia or not to like her, because personally I think, this mini Rukia arc was one of the most exciting battles. Every single week during this fight, most of us produced...
  5. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: 269 Predictions [Bleach]

    Here I go... I agree that the second head might not be dead but I thik the battle is over, what I expect from the next chapter is, the second head takes over the control of the body or the remaining...
  6. Replies

    Re: Bleach Episode 119 Discussion

    I hope animators continue to follow this trend, streching episodes with canon-like fillers that are fun to watch and have no damage for the plot. Come to think of it, Ikkaku didn't seem that strong...
  7. Replies

    Re: sahugani's Bleach Review 268

    I agree with most of the parts in your review, I really liked this flashback chapter, especially drawings and hilarious panels, we usually don't get dorky Rukia. This chapter is important for...
  8. Re: Hell vs. HM vs SS

    I wouldn't be surprised if KT decided to continue Bleach after Winter War because hell can be very well adapted into the story after that. SS and HM hadn't seemed to be fond of each other before...
  9. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: 268 Predictions [Bleach]

    Actually her reiatsu did get Noitarra's attention and he was pissed of because Aarnilo had reached her first. So, he targeted someone else who still is a mystery but most likely Ichigo. (see ch 263...
  10. Replies

    Poll: Re: #1 Espada poll

    I'll go with Ulquiorra, too. No doubt Noitorra is very strong but his strong will to be recognized as the strongest espada makes him #2 at most. And the way of Ulguiorra talks and behaves is more...
  11. Replies

    Re: Is Ichigo overrated?

    It is true that he has only one attack for his shikai and bankai. His speed seems like not an important advantage since Grimmjaw (probably other Espadas, too) also matches his speed. But I do think...
  12. Poll: [Question] Re: Rukia and Bankai

    exactly.. everyone can't achieve Bankai, but Rukia is not everyone, nor a minor character. Anyone else in the main cast have their power ups, so why not Rukia?

    @poopoomaru : thx for your...
  13. Poll: [Question] Re: Rukia and Bankai

    My intention was to mention that, as well but I made that sentence a little wrong. I meant that I don't remember any other shikai with two attacks, maybe Hyaurinmaru has it because it is the...
  14. Replies

    Sticky: Re: So, what the heck happened to Zangetsu?

    I think Zangetsu will show up in Ichigo's next fight, which is most likely to be against Noitorra or Grimmjow. And in his curent form, he can't defeat any of them. Either way, he will need Zangetsu,...
  15. Poll: [Question] Re: Rukia and Bankai

    I do think she will eventually obtain Bankai as being the female&fighter lead. Chad had his hollow like powers. inoue turned to have godlike powers. We saw Ishida with such power. As being the part...
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