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    Poll: [Favorites] Re: What's Your Favorite Bankai/Shikai?

    got to love ichigo's new bankai form. sick chain that covers his right hand like a glove and extends to his back. f'n sick. don't know have much improvement it is to the original power wise....
  2. Poll: Re: Who is the strongest hokage in the history of Konoha

    it is almost impossible to say who is the strongest hokage. We will have to wait until the end of the series to see who is the strongest. For all you know Naruto could become Hokage and be the...
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    [Discussion] Re: Naruto powering up too fast.

    you are absolutely wrong. naruto has completely mastered sage mode. the only drawback he has with technique is, not being able to fuse with ma and pa who help draw natuaral chakra. he has mastered it...
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    Re: Naruto's "That Jutsu"

    i am pretty sure that 'that jutsu' is seen in naruto 505. because that seems to be the completed jutsu and it is kick ass.
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