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    [Done] Re: Various short sentences

    Thank you, everyone! I really appreciate your help. These were trouble spots I'd collected and saved in a document a long time ago but forgot about until recently. ^_^;; I should have saved all the...
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    [Done] Various short sentences

    Answer whatever parts you feel like. :amuse Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

    Context: Talking about someone's "smiling face":

    不思議と見飽きる 事は無く
    ^ This I get: I strangely never got tired...
  3. Thread: A few phrases

    by Sulphur

    [Done] Re: A few phrases


    These are from different things. I was ??? about that title since it didn't seem to have much to do with anything in the comic... Maybe I need to go back and reread it.
  4. Thread: A few phrases

    by Sulphur

    [Done] A few phrases

    Help would be much appreciated :)

    1.) I understand it, but what's the best way to translate this?

    お前はおせっかいが過ぎる. . .

    2.) The bolded part...

    context: Person leaving (for good)
  5. [Done] Re: 2 very short translations - Make me not dumb :)

    Thank you for the breakdown! I understand now.
  6. [Done] Re: 2 very short translations - Make me not dumb :)

    Hm, yeah, I know that it's Sasuke's usual insult for Naruto. In the context that would seem to make sense yet the position kind of makes it looks like the line is coming from Naruto on the right? I...
  7. [Done] Re: 2 very short translations - Make me not dumb :)

    Thank you for the help!


    I'm seeing the pieces but I'm not sure beyond a general idea how this sentence altogether translates.
  8. [Done] 2 very short translations - Make me not dumb :)

    Single page Naruto doujinshi + random pic: Bolded text (near the end) is what I really need help with.

    I've recently started using fanworks to help in my language practice. I translated most of...
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    Re: Chapter 94 Discussion/95 Predictions

    Can I just say I love Hawkeye?
    So much gunslinging <3

    Just a good chapter all around. I hope we can finally be rid of Envy soon.
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    [Databook III] Re: Gottheim's Profile Translations

    Wow, that's a lot. Thank you!

    I did a transcription a while back for Nagato: His hobby is Ninjutsu training (忍術の修業), and his favorite food, in addition to grilled fish, is stew (鍋物).

    Keep up...
  11. [Databook III] Re: Naruto Databook 3 - Hiden: Sha no Sho - HQ Scanlation Project

    "A~o" marks the section for characters with names starting with "a" through "o". The book is in "alphabetical order" so to speak, but Japanese style. In English, the order is "a b c d e f g..." In...
  12. [Databook III] Re: Naruto Databook 3 - Hiden: Tou no Sho - HQ Scanlation Project

    Transcriptions for pages 128-130 (Ninja dogs, ninja cats, and Elder Cat) are here.

    EDIT: Transcription for page 120 (Nagato) is here.
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    [Databook III] Re: Databook 3 Requests? Post them here!

    Probably not high on anyone's wishlist, but I'd really appreciate it if you could translate the ninneko and nekobaa pages :):

    ninja cats scan & transcription
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