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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 575 Discussion / 576 Prediction

    Actually considering what we saw of Kizaru vs WB, i'm guessing that the admiral will win out here.

    Probably the main reason Marco continuously put himself against Kizaru instead of any of the...
  2. [Shounen] Re: [SQ] Kiyoku Tadashiku Utsushiku by ufotable x Taatan Chekko - Discussion

    Heh seems interesting. I'm sure Crayola will do at least 1 or 2 scans if there's a trans, just to see how the whole story starts out.

    Thanks for the raw, Kirimi.
  3. Re: Gold Knight's Ten Comments Special (Naruto Volume 41)

    Personally about the section where Jiraiya was in the shadow of his 'captive', wasn't said 'captive' already on the way to Ibiki inside the toad that Jiraiya sent back?

    I'm already beginning to...
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    Poll: Re: is he yahiko or nagato?

    The body which so far we've always seen Pein in could be Yahiko's too, you know....
  5. Replies

    Poll: [Feedback] Re: The new Shoutbox Format!

    Erm, like some others pointed out, it looks a bit imbalanced... Maybe a ratio of 1:2 for the length of the respective shoutboxes? And yeah, please add a bit of solid colour, the previous one had a...
  6. Poll: Re: Gold Knight's Ten Comments Special (Naruto Volume 40)

    Thanks for the review Gold Knight! Been waiting for this.
  7. Replies

    Re: Blank's Observations - Chapter 370

    Nice review man.
    Interesting stuff. I don't have time to really pour over it now, but if i have something interesting to add i'll add another post later.
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    Re: naruto's elements able to match sasuke's?

    Actually i got the feeling that Sasuke, and actually all Uchiha's, has another element, wind.

    Like the fan of the Uchiha crest, their clan is the "fan" which keeps the flame of the Fire country...
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    Re: Blank's Observations - Chapter 368

    You know, considering how well attuned Karin seems to be with chakra, maybe she was just seeing the residual chakra left by Itachi's genjutsu?
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    [Theory] Re: Big flaw in argument

    Why can't it be more like everyone has very similar data as a base, and whatever your physical state is, is actually just additional data added over time? So Gantz just deletes all the data about...
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    [Chapter] Re: 346 Discussion [Naruto]

    For all those people saying that the fuuton rasen shuriken can't be thrown, wonder if naruto will allow some of the kyuubi's chakra to manifest and form a tail or two (since it was seen that the...
  12. [Seinen] Re: My Balls Discussion Thread

    Oh ok, thanks for the info!
  13. [Seinen] Re: My Balls Discussion Thread

    Hey, is there any idea when the raw comes out? Which day of the month? Cause i remember that this is a monthly manga.
  14. [Seinen] Re: My Balls Discussion Thread

    Yup, I agree it's getting really mad, also a shout out to Strays for bringing us this great manga in HQ! Thanks a lot guys (and girls..)!!!
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