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  1. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 485 Predictions

    I said it earlier, Dragon will come and save the Mugiwaras. Plus I think its time we get to know how awesome Luffy's dad is... bet he got an ability surpassing Shanks or Aokiji! Other than that I...
  2. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 485 Predictions

    Its been awhile.. now reading everyones post as of now, i like most of the ideas.. but the highest probability will be Dragon coming over to save the straw hats. he did it before and he will...
  3. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 258 Discussion/259 Prediction Thread

    Nerdo will die and someone else will be using the beaming head. It was clever of nerdo to grab the head and run like a wussy but he definitely didnt plan all of it. He jus took the head out of panic...
  4. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 257 Discussion/258 Prediction Thread

    Its out mateys! Freshly scanlated by Franky house. Ok time to read it now.. laters
    wait.. its now out yet.. damn i downloaded the wrong manga...aarrrgghhhh~~!!!
  5. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 257 Discussion/258 Prediction Thread

    Whats going to happen in the next chapter is the other two aliens will show their powers and the mysterious 7 times legend will show how awesome he is by killing one of the aliens. then katou will...
  6. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 257 Discussion/258 Prediction Thread

    I just want to see Kei back and doing what he does best: Kill aliens and bang the girls hahaha.. Bring back Kei!!
  7. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 257 Discussion/258 Prediction Thread

    The 100 point alien has the power to regenerate quickly like priscilla in claymore plus lazer eyes that is 10x stronger than the 6 (or was it 8) arm alien
    To beat this kind of monster, it should be...
  8. [Discussion] Re: D. Gray-Man 128 Discussion

    Cross being cool = agree
    Cross having 2 innocence = great idea
    Cross kiciking tyki's ass so easily = yeah why not, cross is a marshall/general anyway
    Cross knows more abt the Noah's clan = He...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 288 Predictions

    i just want ichigo to be stronger and a bad ass like last time. cut the sentimental crap :darn
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    [Chapter] Re: Berserk 288 Discussion

    hahaha looks like i have to check my history books on this matter but again thanks guys for the info.. but again, why pirates? why cannons? berserk is in which timeline? I dont want it to end up like...
  11. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 255 Discussion/256 Discussion Thread

    man waiting for gantz is torturing. and yeah the crazy ball did make a threat like that but didnt actually kill the ones wit lesser points.. but then again, we're talking abt gantz here, a manga that...
  12. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 468 Predictions

    is oz a comic relief or will the strawhats have to deal with him in the coming chapter? n i agree with some saying moria is just plain ugly. kick his ass luffy!!
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    [Chapter] Re: Berserk 288 Discussion

    hmmm the pirates should look less savvy and more brutish (is there such a word) what im saying is berserk is around the persian spartan period so why r there pirates that look like jack sparrow?
  14. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 255 Discussion/256 Discussion Thread

    errr... just need to know something.. does kyo from the osaka team looks like kei? and since tokyo and osaka are together on one mission, does that mean they share the points or the team wit the...
  15. [Seinen] Re: [Strays]My Balls Releases Thread - (latest: ch009)

    yeah my balls are itching for my balls
  16. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 251 Discussion/252 Prediction Thread

    i wanna see more blood!!! come gantz, kill all them aliens and show more nude scenes :P but its not the same without crazy rambo Kei... lets hope he returns pretty soon
  17. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 461 Predictions

    Oz sees the straw hats and help them out. Moria gets pissed and somehow *kill* Oz and causes Luffy to go berserk and then next chapter ;)
  18. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 460 Predictions

    i agree with the others to step up... especially zorro and sanji since theyre the 2 other main fighters in the group. Luffy already shows how badass he is and zorro need to improve more on his sword...
  19. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 251 Discussion/252 Prediction Thread

    Its abt time Katou get recognise and get freaky with the Osaka gantz chick... man shes hot.. mmm mmm... get busy katou kun!!
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 279 Predictions

    Ichigo and GJ will continue to fight each other, blood will be flying all over and seeing all this, big boob whats her name will scream "yamate~~!!" and unleash a power that stop time and space thus...
  21. [Chapter] Re: Gantz 248 Discussion/ 249 Predictions

    awesome chapter... n so far no naked women haha
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    [Chapter] Re: 273 Predictions [Bleach]

    heres wat i think will happen:

    Grimmjow will kidnap Orihime and force her to tell him how shes able to heal his hand. Remember, Grimmjow is a bad guy and bad guys dont normally show kindness hehe....
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    Re: ES21 230 Spoiler Thread

    sorry xophein, i dont doubt ur translation as uve done an excellent job but its just hard for me to accept.. even if sena have to go zig zag, spin, jump, curve etc.. he is still too far for Shin to...
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    Re: ES21 230 Spoiler Thread

    hmmm... is the translation correct? maybe its some kind of belated april fools joke to mess our mind... or probably its true and inagaki did it to mess our heads as well...hahaha anyway, i'l jus wait...
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    [Chapter] Re: Gantz 246 Discussion/ 247 Predictions

    I like reading gantz but I cant remember the names of the characters in it.. either because they keep dying or new characters keep on popping up.. but anyway, I hope they really do go back to the...
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    [Chapter] Re: 239 Predictions [Bleach]

    three of them are going plus ichigo's dad and ishida's dad since both got some history together. the vaizards will also be helping them out secretly as they want to settle a score with Aizen. Why? I...
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    Re: es21 QB's

    Hiruma! The best quarterback in Eyeshield 21. Im picking him not because he is my idol, but because he turn a very weak team into one that manage to beat the best team in the district: Shinryuuji...
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    Re: Eyeshield 21 RAW Thread

    Hiruma! Hiruma! Hiruma! Hiruma! Hiruma! The crowds keep on chanting his name as he suceessfully made the touchdown. Agon went down on his knees, thinking of how a thrash player like Hiruma outsmarted...
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    Re: Agon VS Shin

    Shin will win because he has that unstoppable spear tackle. Even with his super reaction ability, Agon will cry and beg for mercy when Shin whoop him with the spear tackle.. Yes Spear tackle rocks.....
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    Re: the fucking-manga thread

    I just wanna thanked ya guys for scanlating/translating eyeshield21... I love the manga and the anime and by far its the one of the best out there. Man, I cant wait for my next fix hehe
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