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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 554 Discussion / 555 Predictions

    i thought in this chapter sasuke will appear again... anyway i think naruto will screw up at his first try using biju bomb against raikege..
  2. Re: This week (Road 104) Discussion and predictions

    [QUOTE=Shinji;1395895]Antonik: even though Tsubasa made an assist and scored, that's not the conclusion I'd reach, considering Tsubasa couldn't win a duel against Natureza so far.QUOTE]

    yeah i...
  3. Re: This week (Road 104) Discussion and predictions

    next chapter title LA LIGA FIST GOAL???? hehehe
  4. Re: This week (Road 100) Discussion and predictions

    i think tsubasa shoot will go in because as i remember someone post in this forum that according to shinji there will be a chapter title "LA LIGA FIRST GOAL"
  5. Re: This week (Road 94-95-96-97-98-99) Discussion and predictions

    i would like to say thank you to shinji for translating and posting this great manga.... hope you post chapter 100 soon hehe:eyeroll
  6. Re: This week (Road 94) Discussion and predictions

    no i dont want to wait...i i hate waiting... by the way when you will post the next chapter??
  7. Re: This week (Road 94) Discussion and predictions

    just i expected R madrid will get the first goal.. can i ask somthing? do you think tsubasa and rivaul play together in this match?? i mean they were both in the field playing together againts r...
  8. Re: This week (Road 84) Discussion and prediction

    i think you dont have photo graphic memory or you just to dumb to not recognize the characters in the movie that your wacthing...

    i disagree that asian people have all simillar faces....
  9. This week (Roads 80-81-82-83) discussion and prediction

    Chapter 80 is out.. tsubasa is really in a bad condition... not good for them hahaha... natureza is cool he's like tsubasa he can copy others technique in just one look ... nothing special in this ...
  10. This week (Road 76-77-78-79) discussion and prediction

    Chapter 76 is up now... payol and pepu are fighting.. team barcelona is in the worst condition...
  11. This week (Roads 72-73-74-75) discussion and predictions

    chapter 72 is out

    Tsubasa is promoted to the top team of barcelona's yahoooo..
  12. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 355 Discussion/356 Predictions Thread

    awesome chapter hitsu being pawned hahaha that so great!!!
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