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  1. Replies

    [Help Wanted] Writer Looking For Artist

    Hello(: I am over flowing with ideas over here, but unfortunately my drawing skills lack. I'm looking for an artist, who would be willing to collaborate for free. I have no money to give, But full...
  2. Thread: --

    by SoniaIsHere

    Re: Artist seeking interesting writers

    I've been seeking an artist as well, I already have a story idea with character ideas (keep in mind: You can take full artistic control on the characters features, but i also have an idea for little...
  3. Re: Amateur artist looking for writer/co-writer

    I don't know if you have already found a writer, but if you are still looking, I'd be completely ecstatic to hop on board. I actually have quite a few ideas, but one I'm focused on. Of course, My...
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