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  1. [Chapter] Re: Air Gear Trick 303 Discussion/ 304 predictions.

    But there is still one thing I'm wondering about akito and agito, how did they get the fang regalia the first time. Did they steal it from falco or did falcon give it to them?
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    Re: Least favorite AG character, and why?

    I hate simca, she's annoying and has oddly shaped boobs. At least in the beginning she was kinda pretty but with her hair cut..... *barf* she is soooo ugly
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    Re: Top 10 favorite AG characters

    1.agito (bad ass)
    2.akito (super cute)
    3.Kazu (I dunno he appeals to me and his attack with agito was waaaay to epic not to put him in my top ten)
    4. Ikki (at first I did'nt like him but as the...
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    [Shounen] Re: Air Gear Hangout Thread

    I think it would be cool to see akito fight. I mean he is the first personality active inside of his body and he was the fang king before agito so I wonder if he has the same "tricks" that agito uses...
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    [Chapter] Re: Air Gear Trick 300 Discussion/ 301 Predictions

    She could've been in the first month or two of her pregnancy. Also there are reports of women not getting a baby belly when there pregnant so this is probably the case here.
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