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  1. [Wanted: Writer] Re: Manga Artist looking for a manga author...

    hello davy, i see that you are a serious writer .pm me so as to discuss making a manga i will in turn show you my life's works of manga drawing up to the stage that i have now

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    [Wanted: Artist] Re: Amateur writer searching for artist!

    Hello nice to meet you Emma.... I would like to work with you but you must discuss the story with least a summary of it... I'll forward some of my drawings to you and pick which style you...
  3. [Help Wanted] Re: Hello, Writer Looking for artist for manga( Don't have to be pro)

    hey man let me know if you still have an available spot for manga a manga artist that is willing to draw .pm me
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    [Request: Drawing] Re: I need an artist for my detective story.

    hey man im interested in working with you just pm me back if your interested and ill show you some of my recent work always on mh so the response will be quick
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    Re: TheLastPierrot

    first of all before I say anything..your comic is amazing ...really amazing..the only problem i had was when you were trying to display a power was done kinda crappy to me..the chars and...
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    Re: Looking for an Artist!!!!!

    hey im interested pm me back if ur interested and i can show you my work
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    Re: Look For Shoujo Artist?

    I will be interested but only on the condition that we make contact frequently via YouTube and Skype voice chat..I tried to work with some people on certain manga projects but things didn't work out...
  8. [Wanted: Writer] Re: Manga Artist looking for a manga author...

    yes i would like a story like one piece as well..please contact me becuase i would like you to be one of my authors

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  9. [Wanted: Writer] Manga Artist looking for a manga author...

    all i know is how to not the best but i am no amateur .....when it comes to story im a decent story teller but i cant do both at the same time .....i need a partner that is serious about...
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    [Help Wanted] Re: Artist Needed A.S.A.P

    im interested forget what that other guy said about pay ....please contact me if your interested
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    Re: my manga project

    very intersting a fairly good artist not the best but im interested in working with you but i dont like the pay idea..please contact me if your intersted
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