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    [Discussion] Re: Jinchuuriki and Controlling the Bijuu

    I think that the sage training naruto has been through might help him, when naruto got to much natural energy in the start he began transforming to a frog.
    When Naruto get to much of the kyuubi's...
  2. [Theory] Re: Rikudō Sennin's tablet and Madara's misconception

    look at this, the Rikudo Sennin had to sons, oldest with his "eyes" and the youngest with his "body"
  3. Re: Elemental Fusions - Kekkei Genkai?

    Hey, I have just searched this thread, and no one has thought about the combination of Fire + Lightning to form Plasma.
    Plasma is extremely hot and ionized gas, so you have "hot" = fire and "ionized...
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    Poll: Re: Naruto 429 Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Tendou Pain is apparently Nagato. Right before Pain does Shinratensei, Konan says "You'll only shorten your life, Nagato."

    Tendou Pain IS NOT Nagato, he...
  5. [Discussion] Re: Is Minato overrated by his fans??

    Think about this, the 1st hokage could control the kyuubi with help from his mokuton ability, madara with his sharingan, both abilities is a bloodline limit. Minato on the other hand created a...
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    Re: Naruto 417 Discussion / 418 Predictions

    If there is going to be a kage meeting, that means that we will see Mizukage,
    So if madara/tobi/mizukage isn't sending a replacement, that means we will see...
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