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  1. [Seinen] Re: Nobunaga no Chef by NISHIMURA Mitsuru & KAJIKAWA Takurou

    raws volume 6

  2. [Seinen] Saiyukiden Daienou The Monkey King by Katsuya Terada

    A twisted reimagination of the "Journey West Saga, The Monkey King", as the name suggest.mangaupdates link

    In contrast with most of the popular reimaginations of the Journey West, this manga is a...
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    [Support] Re: How to Show newest scanlation chapters?

    I still follow mangaupdate of course. But some groups has the habit of posting news here only and/if/when post it there much later.

    So you can say my news source is both MH and MU.

    Any way, is...
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    [Support] Re: How to Show newest scanlation chapters?

    I mean news of scanlation.

    There're a lots of scan groups didnt and dont use your server, they just posted here that they've released some. If they are polite there would have been a link to...
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    [Support] How to Show newest scanlation chapters?

    In the earlier version of MH I can show the newest scanlation chapter by using filter English only on the new scanlation board.

    Now that is impossible due the way the board show all : Translation,...
  6. [Done] Re: English Translation of a Shinsengumi Novel

    lol! You know how to grab the attention of horny manga readers out there.
  7. [Feedback] Filter by language: Latest Scanlation section

    On the Latest scanlation section put an option to allow filter by language.

    I only follow the news of english scanlation, as I dont have much interest in scanlation with other language (even my...
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    Re: The cnet128 Thread

    Yo cnet128

    You are a perfectionist eh? Sound like you need a challenge... a new challenge, I should say.

    The Record of Fallen Vampire or Vampire Juuji Kai

    The manga was translated and...
  9. [Shounen] Re: Vampire Juuji Kai

    I so love its dialog. Off all the manga I've ever read, it has the best dialog. And the translator of tjo done a very good job off it as well.

    if you can use irc, vampire juuji kai is on lurk's...
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    Re: The Reiu Thread

    Hi Reiu

    May I ask how the situation with the Princess Resurrection manga (kaibutsu oujo)?

    At first I thought you stopped releasing totally. But checking the forum it seem you still do the...
  11. [Seinen] Re: Until Death Do Us Part Discussion Thread

    Blind warrior? Blind warrior.... now where the heck did I read it ...

    I remember once upon a time I read an old old manga (ancient style, 70s-80s). A blind samurai fighting and stuff. solid manga...
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    Re: Hanaji-Scans lonely lonely thread

    YO, hello and salutations

    I just drop by to say hello.

    I want to congratulate you guys on doing such a terrific job of Blood Alone. A superb manga. Great atmostphere, very nice dialog...
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