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  1. Poll: Re: The Muffin-thread! :3

    D'aw! They couldn't use a noob like me, haha! Yer translations are good, hardly anything to correct!

    If you ever want anything proofed, lemme know. I'm not the best, but I don't mind helping...
  2. Poll: Re: The Muffin-thread! :3

    Hiya Queen!

    <3 Mushishi, so good!

    I'd like to thank ya for yer hard work, I do appreciate it very much!

    Do you prefer working on series that are more "popular," or would you rather work on...
  3. [Discussion] Re: Web comics no laughing matter / Shoddily scanned, translated manga causing headache for publishers

    I hate to rehash what everyone has said (and a lot has been said), but there is some need to get things succinct when you are having this conversation.

    To some extent, I agree with what was said...
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    [Shounen] Re: Hunter x Hunter

    No, as a matter of opinion I am respecting his opinion of the series. How is it I can tell him what he thinks is wrong? His opinion on this piece of work, as it is, is still his. The same...
  5. Replies

    [Shounen] Re: Hunter x Hunter

    First off, because this is your review, and thus your opinion, I can make no comment regarding your opinions, as to whether you are right or not. However, even though it is not my place to put a...
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