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    [Life] Re: The Getting in Shape Thread

    Being skinny sucks... you need to gain weight to properly use the protein so you actually get "big." Working out skinny only gets you toned, and half the time you never see the results.

    So I go...
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    [Question] Re: Why did you choose your avatar?

    Because I like moe things therefore my avatar also has to be moe :)
  3. Replies

    Poll: [Software] Re: What is your web browser?

    Firefox, very efficient... Until you get lots of add-ons hahaa...
  4. [Multiple Focuses] Re: Cleaning and Typesetting Tutorials (especially Beginners)

    I gotta hand it to this tutorial, it has given me a lot of help with my learning. There's still quite a few that I'm unclear about... I hope more things get added to it, even if at the state it's in...
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    [Misc Attempt] Re: My first try at cleaning

    You know it's over leveled when you can see some noise/grains on the blacks and sometimes on the white.

    You have to manually burn the blacks (for speed scans) or you can go into more detail by...
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    [Misc Attempt] Re: My first try at cleaning

    That seems to be a very very small raw page >_<
    Seems to be good though on the blacks/whites. Determining they gray's on this was quite difficult however, if you can retouch the gray's then I...
  7. [Cleaning] Re: Complete SPEEDSCAN tutorial - MQ/HQ in 5 minutes [ENG] & [ITA]

    Very well detailed also I'd like to comment on the last part on your tut:

    Your actions did help in a lot of ways, but I was wondering if anyone else had touched upon improving them. Shortcuts are...
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    Re: The Red Hawk Thread

    Wooo go RH :yourock, keep pumping Kimi no Iru Machi for your favorite leecher, ME!
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