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  1. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions - 675 out at May 7th at the latest

    Semantics. My point was that Sakura's insane strength qualifies her as an exceptional taijutsu user.
  2. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions - 675 out at May 7th at the latest

    Madara is weak against Senjutsu and Taijutsu users. I believe Madara will experience a whole new level of taijutsu when he goes against Sakura and her insane strength.

    I think Kakashi will get...
  3. Poll: Re: NarutoTheory Reviews Naruto Chapter 642: Breach

    Should we read into this chapter that Madara knows that the Juubi is weak against Senjutsu and that's why he had to delay Hashirama? If so, then what is Madara waiting for?
  4. Thread: A New Wind.

    by mosesgunn

    Poll: Re: A New Wind.

    This plot hole really has little to do with the overall direction of the story. So I'm not all that choked up if Kishi doesn't pay proper attention to Naruto 'knowing whether Sasuke has the ability...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 632 Discussion / 633 Predictions

    This is obviously the beginning of the 'good guys' push into the battle. Up to this point, the Alliance has been mostly on the defensive, now they can start showing their strength. The ten-tails...
  6. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 620 Hashirama Senju

    Great breakdown Black. I think only Hashirama will be able to join the fight. My only basis is that Kishi tends to be very straightforward when it comes to his foreshadowing. He doesn't waste...
  7. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 618 The One Who Knows Everything

    Great review Black! Is it just me or has anyone mentioned...If the death god released Orochimaru's arms and the four Hokages, then what happened to the other half of Kurama that was sealed as well? ...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 618 Discussion / 619 Predictions

    The manga has always setup the idea that there was a way to reverse the effect of the Shiki Fuujin. The idea of separating Kurama's yin and yang chakra in itself suggested that both sides will be...
  9. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 617 Dance of the Ninjas 2

    Thanks for the review Black. I'm always interested by the varying translations of the manga. Your review calls the chapter 'Dance of the Ninjas' while naruto.wikia calls it 'The Invisible Dancers'....
  10. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 616 Dance of the Ninjas

    As always Black enjoy your reviews of the manga. I would like to see more introspection on the broader themes within the chapters. Kishi obviously has a message inside his chapters that he tries to...
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    Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 613 Head

    I don't think 'that jutsu' can be the kyubi mode nine tails since Naruto would have no idea what that mode would mean. It would have to be a jutsu related to something he has already studied...most...
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    Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 613 Head

    I loved this chapter. Personally I think this storyline has to go down the path of Naruto creating a power that can take on the Juubi. The only question here is what would that be? From my...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 612 Discussion / 613 Predictions

    Wouldn't it be great if the genjutsu was already cast and this battle in reality is a figment of their imagination? If this was a battle with Itachi, would they already be caught in his genjutsu by...
  14. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 609 The End and 610 Juubi

    Welcome back Black...hope you had a great holiday. I too very much liked both chapters and I'm glad that Kishi figured out how to get the Juubi to appear without taking Kurama/Naruto in the process....
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    Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 599 Obito Uchiha

    As much as I would like to believe that Kishi dropped the ball, when he decided to make Tobi...Obito, I have to believe there's another side to this story that will explain the time discrepencies. ...
  16. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 590 I Will Always Love You

    Well Black....looks like Madara's not quite done yet. That brother to brother love fest was so corny...I just kept thinking about Whitney Houston singing "I Will Always Love You' during the entire...
  17. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 586 Izanami Activates

    Informative review as always Blackjack. I'm still in the dark as to how this jutsu is any different than any other genjutsu Itachi may use. Hopefully the next chapter will answer that question. ...
  18. Poll: Re: Blackjack612's Review of Naruto 579 The Brothers Fight United

    Great chapter! Wow I don't know how I could have missed the use of the snakes as an effective counter to Itachi and Sasuke's genjutsu. However, Sasuke has proven before the ability to use his...
  19. Poll: Re: Blackjack612s Review of Naruto 578 A Weakness of Despair

    As always its great to read your reviews as it offers so much insight. I too keep thinking about how Kabuto will counter the MS of the 2 Uchiha brothers. I will offer that the Kabuto they are...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 574 Discussion / 575 Predictions

    Jiraiya could have steered Sasuke away from a path of vengeance? He tried that with Nagato & well did that turn for him? The only person who could have changed Sasuke was...
  21. Poll: Re: Blackjack612's Review of Naruto 571 Bijū Mode!!

    Great review Black! I think the final bad will be Tobi, however, in a different form. I've always wondered, with Kishi being influenced by DB so much, whether Tobi would become an incarnation of...
  22. Poll: Re: Blackjack612's Double Review of Naruto 569 and 570

    As always I enjoy your reviews Black. Not sure I agree with your scoring of the 2 chapters though. I would have given chapter 569 a 4/5 points and chapter 570 a 5/5 points. It's true that 569...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 570 Discussion / 571 Predictions ** Check out the Naruto Awards

    How easily the fox was turned good???... IT TOOK 570 CHAPTERS FOR THE FOX TO TURN GOOD!!! Give it a rest already!
  24. Poll: Re: Blackjack612's Review of Naruto 568: The Four-Tails: Sage King of the Apes

    I think the Jinchuuriki should die when the Bijuu is extracted as well. But in Naruto's case, its obvious that his control of the seal will allow him to release Kurama. If that is indeed the case...
  25. Poll: Re: Blackjack612's Review of Naruto 568: The Four-Tails: Sage King of the Apes

    Great Review! One of the things that I'm impressed with in this chapter is the idea that the tailed beasts may be won over in much the same manner as the Toads, Slugs, Snakes, Hawks and other...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 559 Discussion / 560 Predictions

    With this chapter there can be no doubt who Tobi is IMO... it has to be Izuna Uchiha. I think the coffin summoned by Muu is different than the one summoned by Kabuto earlier. I think that coffin...
  27. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 557 Discussion / 558 Predictions

    Gaara's use of gold in his sand would be no different than Naruto eventually learning how to enter Sage mode quicker or learning more powerful uses of the Rasengan. He will start using it in his...
  28. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 524 Spoiler Discussion

    I'm interested in knowing what effect the white Zetsus being attached to Kabuto by Madara may be having with his ability to control Edo Tensei. If Kabuto is being drained of his chakra he may also...
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    Re: Lost in translation: Number 515

    I didn't get the idea that Hyuuga Tokuma had the best Byakugan in the whole clan, merely that his was developed enough to see what was below them. Was there something in the original writing that...
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    Poll: Re: Jinchuuriki, confined!, Ch.491

    I believe that Kisame and Killer Bee will battle here and Naruto will develop a second element...water to go with his wind element technique. Regardless, I am so looking forward to Naruto learning...
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    Poll: Re: Naruto 489 review

    I want to weigh in on Kakashi and his apparent 'about face' when it came to being prepared to take on the duties of Hokage. I think Kakashi was really trying to put people at ease by nonchalantly...
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    Re: 485 - So Close, And Yet So Far - Review

    When you think about the nostalgia of Sasuke vs. Naruto, I think its nice that Kishi uses the Rasengan/Chidori clash as the first punches thrown. These were the last techniques used on the hospital...
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    Re: 484 - Team Seven - Review

    Good review. I think you hit the nail on the head in that this chapter is all about character development. And moreso, its about the results of character development between all the original...
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    Re: Fangirl Play-by-Play of Chapter 477!

    Great review! I always like it when reviews lend insight into why you think a scene is good or totally lame rather than just a regurgitation of the chapter.

    Itachi seems to have an amazing...
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    Re: Naruto 476 review...

    This link references a Kiski interview of predictions for 2009, many of which have come true.

    One of entries is...
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    Re: Naruto 476 review...

    I thought I read where Kishi said that KillerBee would attack Konoha. I remember this prediction thinking 'under what circumstance would KillerBee attack Konoha?' Well Danzou being the leader and...
  37. Replies

    Re: Naruto 476 review...

    Great review. I especially like the thought you put into where Kishi may be going with the character development.

    Personally, I don't think its by mistake that Sakura and Kakashi are both heading...
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