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    [Games] Re: The Resident Evil Thread

    was it unethical to kill all those Spaniards, probably but i mean its resident evil, and i at least don't play it for its morals and ethics
  2. [Question] Re: Do you think Guts will ever use his behelit?

    yeah but all he cares about id Griffith, and doesn't care about the means, just the end result, and he would make such a cool apostle
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    [Games] Re: The Resident Evil Thread

    The 5th resident evil looks awesome, they somehow managed to improve greatly on that of RE4, however i doubt whether it will as good seeming that RE4 is possibly the greatest game to ever be made
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    [Discussion] Re: Best Graphic Novels/One-shots

    V for Vendetta is brilliant, even better than film, however to me nothing beats the great tale of Preacher!
    Also quite enjoy League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, absolutely nothing like the film.
  5. [Question] Do you think Guts will ever use his behelit?

    For some time Guts, although pukk 'cares' for it, has had a behelit, if he ever does use it what will he become?

    yeah i know pukk has a name for it, just forgot
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    Re: Who's your favorite character in Berserk?

    The emperor of Kushan, the only one with balls enough to stand up against Griffith, Grumbled, giant and a dragon so unfair to everyone else, Guts, obviously, and the mad king sitting alone on his...
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