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    Poll: [Fun] Re: New Members of the Zodiac Twelve

    Why would there be replacement members? The Zodiac was formed at the will of the former chairman for his amusement. The new chairman can do whatever she wants. Maybe she wants a fantastic four or...
  2. [Spoiler] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 341 Spoiler Discussion (Unknown Date)

    Lol Togashi certainly is in one of the richest mangaka households of all time. I'd bet only Toriyama exceeds him, and I'm not even sure on that. He made YYH and HxH, and his wife made Sailor f'in...
  3. Sticky: [Special] Re: Fairy Tail 295 Discussion/ 296 Predictions

    That chapter confused me. She turned real what? I've looked and looked at her but I can't see any difference. What was different with her face?
  4. [Fun] Re: Hunter x Hunter Figures/Collections/Merchandise

    I have a few fairly rare pieces of Hunter x Hunter merchandise I was thinking of offloading if anyone was interested.

    The first is the 2002 Jump Festa figure set (what's in the box, ignore the...
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