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  1. [Discussion] Re: which manga/anime made you cry or close to?

    Well nothing have made me really cry like the Eclipse Chapter In BERSERK, I still feel the pein till now, reading that chapter was the moment that sealed away my otakuness forever, miura is a genius...
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    Re: Naruto 439 Discussions / 440 Predictions - Part 1

    Things are getting very Interesting and complicated too, how Naruto's gona return to normal knowing that even pain don't match the 8 tails kyubi, the surprising appearance of his father, the...
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    [Chapter] Re: Gantz 285 Discussion/286 Prediction Thread

    Do you think that Gantz is related to world war 2, beacause both countrys (Japan & Germany) are prohibited from possessing any weapons due to there implications in the World war and in the manga...
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