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  1. [Done] Re: Need some help with this translation

    Ahh!! I see you what you mean. Yeah, that makes more sense, since he says 参った... so it's like he's giving in. *facepalm*

    Thank you for being so patient!
  2. [Done] Re: Translating a conversation about virginity

    Went with "you'll be tainted in no time" / "is it wrong to be tainted?"

    Thank you!
  3. [Done] Re: Need some help with this translation

    Yep he did. Uplaoded the two pages here <br /> <br />

    I tried to look for example sentences of how 子供だな is used...
  4. [Done] Need some help with this translation

    2nd thread in one day! I am on a roll.

    参ったな \\ 子供だな

    I can't tell who he's referring to and calling "Child" or "Childish".
  5. [Done] Re: Translating a conversation about virginity

    Yep, I definitely want to retain the meaning of the original. I was just thinking "God, he's being rather stiff about it...". I guess it will be a choice between dirty or tainted, though tainted is...
  6. [Done] Translating a conversation about virginity

    I have a bit of an issue with the mangaka's (or rather the character's) choice of words when he describes someone losing their virginity and I'm trying to translate it without it sound cringe-worthy....
  7. [Done] Re: "穴あいてるの気がつかなくて"

    Thanks! so I wasn't a complete dodo when I thought something was wrong...

    I was confused about the use of "穴" which to means "hole" but when I checked against the Chinese translation (usually the...
  8. [Done] "穴あいてるの気がつかなくて"

    Above sentence^

    I'm not sure if I've translated it correctly - can someone check for me?
    穴あいてるの気がつかなくて = Didn't realise there was a hole in it.

    Contextually it makes sense but I'm totally...
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