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    Re: I need help trying to find these pics

    Thats not the one I'm looking for. I can give you link from youtube that shows the pictures so you know what I am talking about
    The pictures are in here

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    I need help trying to find these pics

    I saw some pics of Yu Kanda from D.Gray-Man showing that he had a fever and Lenalee was helping him. Does anyone know where I can find them at? I would like to find them it has something to do with...
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    [Question] Re: Kisuke Urahara's bankai?

    I want to see his bankai so bad. It could be used for defense or maybe both to attack and defend. I think that he will have to be forced to use it in some type of battle that will be to tough for him...
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    [Question] Kisuke Urahara's bankai?

    What do you think Kisuke's bankai would be? They haven't shown it yet, but I would like to know what is bankai would be if he was able to show it. What do you think?
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    [Question] Re: Why is Captain Ukitake always sick?

    He has been sick since he was a child if I remember right. It's called tuberculosis and he just never recovered from itor something like that
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    [Question] Re: What will become of the Vizards?

    Three of them get their captain positions back I don't know what happens to the rest of them. I think the rest of them stay in the human world. The three that get their captain positions back are...
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    [Question] Re: What Happened to GrimmJow?

    He is alive, he just hasn't appeared yet. I know that Ichigo didn't kill him when they fought against each other during their fight in the Hueco mundo arc
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    Poll: [Question] Re: Who will get kidnapped this time?

    I would say Karin or Yuzo or maybe both. I think that Ichigo, Isshin, and maybe Rukia would go help and rescue them. Rukia may get a few more soul reapers to come or their friends back in the human...
  9. [Discussion] Re: Why couldn't Yamamoto kill the Enemy Leader 1,000 years ago?

    He probably didn't kill them off because they were helping with the hollows and other problems that showed up. The reason is probably still unknown about why he did it unless they tell why he decided...
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    [Predictions] Re: Future Captains

    I know that after the final fight with Aizen that a few of the visoreds get their captain positions back. I think that Ichigo would make a good captain, but that most likely isn't going to happen...
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    [Favorites] Re: Favorite zanpakutou release command

    My favorite ones are most likely my top two favs are
    Awaken, Benihime
    Reign upon the frosted heavens, Hyourinmaru
    I also like Ukitake's, Shuhei's, Kira's and Renji's.
  12. [Discussion] Re: Did Aizen Know Isshin Before All This Started?

    I think that Aizen and Isshin knew each other because in the part where they have the final fight against Aizen, Isshin says Aizen's name and they seemed to know each other and I think Isshin...
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    [Discussion] Re: Final Zanpakuto Forms?

    I bet most likely all of the soul reapers do have a final zanpakuto form, but you probably won't really know since they haven't shown it and they most likely won't show it. I think that all of the...
  14. [Discussion] Re: Is Captain General an incompetent leader?

    I dont think he is incompentent, but being a leader for a long time doens't mean who know everything and you can still make mistakes even if you have been a leader for a very long time. It just...
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    [Theory] Re: The 5 war potentials

    I think the top five war potentials are most likey Kisuke, Yoruichi, Ichigo, Isshin, and Toushirou. They have rly strong spiritual pressure and etc. I think they would be handy in wars since they...
  16. [Discussion] Re: The reason Bleach has been falling in the rankings recently: a theory

    I think why is because they haven't gotten to the Aizen arc yet and probably because Ichigo does lose his soul reaper powers, but he does get them back which will most likely bring it back up in the...
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    Poll: [Predictions] Re: Soul Society Death List

    The only soul reaper that I would like to die is Aizen. I dislike him with a passion because of all the harm he did. First he screwed up the vizords and Kisuke's life, then toushiro and hinamori, now...
  18. [Favorites] Re: Who's the most attractive Bleach character to you?

    My most favorite ones that I would most likely fall for would be probably Kisuke, Hitsugaya, Shuhei, or Izuru thats what I think though
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    [Favorites] Fav POT tennis team/person/persons?

    Who is your fav tennis team/person/persons? What do you like about them?

    ---------- Post added at 01:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:57 PM ----------

    My favorites are rikkaidai,...
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Trying to find this prince of tennis chapter

    Does anyone know what manga chapter does Akaya Kirahara use the mugo no kiyoshi that makes him faint? I am trying to find it, but I dont know what chapter it is
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