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  1. Re: HSDK Chapter 509 Discussion / 510 Predictions

    It really was a great chapter. He showed a great development for the character of Takeda and hope that the author shows even more of the other members of the Alliance Shinpaku, even the not so...
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    Re: HSDK 479 Discussion / 480 Predictions

    I agree with you ; however, wouldn't "the space alien bully" know about it since he has the information in his personal computer. i am sure he would have read the documents completely and then said...
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    Re: HSDK Chapter 476 Discussions/477 Predictions

    Sometimes I get questions about the outcome of this struggle.
    The more I reread the chapters of this struggle, the more I am in doubt about when Jenazard fought the Ancient and how was the result....
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    Re: HSD Kenichi 472 Discussion/473 Predictions

    Well on the case of Kushinada Mikumo, one thing I am sure is that it has between 100 and 130 years old so it was shown in the manga, although there are those methods which I really like the result of...
  5. Re: HSDK Chapter 448 Discussion/ 449 Predictions Thread

    Began to appear on the next chapter spoilers.
    It seems that the crash was deliberate (for Jenazard) and all the passengers on the plane, with the exception of Miu died.

    "Miu was rescued by a...
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