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    [Cleaning] Cleaning RawParadise Raws in GIMP

    Okay, thanks to Raw-Paradise and their watermark of evil, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to clean the latest chapter of Hayate No Gotoku. Granted, I'm normally a scantalator and I usually just...
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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: Auto Glow -- GIMP

    Thank you very much with that. That is exactly what I was looking for, being a GIMP user myself.
  3. [Cleaning] Floating Text and improving backgrounds

    I'm not sure how to word this since I am fairly new to the scantalator game.

    I'm using Gimp and I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of the original japanese without messing up the backgrounds...
  4. [Miscellaneous] Need help starting up Scantalation group

    I'm wondering how I can start up a Scantalation group. I did some editing and have the scans for Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 266.
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