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  1. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 782 Discussion/ 783 Predictions

    He is not Logia, Law has the ability to separate parts of the body without the person been logia. It happened with the Samurai, his head was in pieces and his legs made Luffy centaur. When he cut...
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    [Chapter] Re: Toriko 314 Discussion Thread

    For me it Is clear that the last move is to hit bambina as hard as they can. 2 things for me to think that. First when they hit him in the begining of the arena fight Kaka said it was too soon, and...
  3. [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 775 Discussion / 776 Prediction

    Imagine that he can make the birdcage impervious To attack, why not make an armor of invicible strings? So it can be cut but people that can do that are just busy to do so.
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    [Discussion] Re: Toriko 308 Discussion Thread

    Komatsu have gourmet Cells and that is clear. It shined in the production of air. You are forgeting that one can have the cells by eating creatures with the cells, t is slow but can be done. Every...
  5. [Theory] Why I think Big Mama group is not on screen

    OMG, I was reading the Brasilian version of OP that is on volume 50 right now, and I could not believe what i just read

    On chap 489 Lola said that she was born in new world and her mother is a...
  6. [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 342 Discussion/ 343 Predictions

    Well, after reading the new chapter I came with one conclusio for sure (don't know if someone already had it) the Chimeras are from the dark continent and the queen came from there to escape or...
  7. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 743 Discussion / 744 Prediction

    If dd is a chubby guy and the body is like kuma that he can control with his fruit
  8. Sticky: [Reading] Re: Collective Reading of Samidare and the Biscuit Hammer by Satoshi Mizukami

    I read it in one go and must say I like the development but thought it was a bit rushed in the end. It has a lot of fun moments and sad ones too. It was amazing how he made the main villain end, one...
  9. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 734 Discussion/ 735 Predictions

    Don't forget Big Mama.

    I think this arc will not end in Dressrosa but will end in the Samurai island. There must be something to do with Kaido and the island. But the arc is getting even better.
  10. [Chapter] Nanatsu no Taizai 54 Spoiler Thread

    Source: Redhawk Scans
    Credits: ferbindeer

    The Dawn Roar attacks Gowther. The Sins also jump into the fray. Pelio is quickly moved to safety by King. A brief fight between the Sins and Dawn Roar...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Toriko 255 Spoiler Thread

    Am I the only one that thinks his arm and leg are from his Demon, and that is why it got another color. It is probably by his gourmet cells, but it seems to me that he realy got his inner demon's leg...
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    [Shounen] Re: Soul Eater by OOKUBO Atsushi

    What can I say, WTF ending is this.
    I think he pached up and all but I would like to see maka's mother giving her and her father a good ol Mom Chop.
    The things I like about the ending is that he...
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    [Fun] Re: Hunter x Hunter Hangout Thread [01]

    I think the pace of One Piece is slow more because of profit than cause of the author itself. Oda stated that he planed to end one piece in five years but look now and he has the story going with a...
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Nanatsu no Taizai by Nakaba Suzuki

    That does not show that he knew, I go with ferdinbeer theory and think he didn't know or, as he realized what happened, he just didn't tell King about his sister been dead.
    It makes sense because...
  15. [Reading] Re: Collective reading of NAUSICAÄ by Hayao MIYAZAKI

    Ok, I will read the last two volumes I bought in US, since the brazilian publisher (bastards) dropped this series in volume 5.

    Bastards. But so far for the 5 volumes I've read this is one great...
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    Poll: Re: Natsu and Gajeel age

    There is one thing that make the scarf and spirit world theory bad.

    They met before and don´t remember. I don´t think they...
  17. Re: HSDK 471 Discussion/ 472 Predictions

    About the chap, I think God Hand will wipe Junazad ass this chap, since he "lost control" and will try to kill him.
  18. Re: HSDK 471 Discussion/ 472 Predictions

    yes they stoped because of MS doing it.
  19. [Shounen] Re: The World God Only Knows by WAKAKI Tamiki

    they could do a season 3 about the goddes chase, but, end it when he had to revisit all the the girls to serach for a goddess within
  20. [Shounen] Re: The World God Only Knows by WAKAKI Tamiki

    No, u r not alone. I hope we can see till the end
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 268 Discussion / 269 Predictions

    Don't forget that Lucy got one new Stelar Spirit that was, even if been used, one of the Kin of purgatory. And his ability would be to decrease power from others. If she can summon two or three...
  22. Re: HSD Kenichi 461 Discussion / 462 Predictions

    He killed the weapon master of the pencat silat, sohe got some "aprendices". But I agree that the series portrait non-armed as overall stronger than armed division.
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    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: HSD Kenichi Spoiler Thread

    I think the big guy is attacking Miu to try a shot at Fruit guy, so Band-aid is helping/protecting her, it is possible since Fruit guy killed the armed master of pencat.
    This would also make her...
  24. Re: HSD Kenichi 460 Discussion / 461 Predictions

    It's not like that. He lvl up since Koukin, I think the worst fight he had until now was with Kano (because he was not as strong), but true that bulu is at least the same lvl as Koukin (but I think...
  25. Re: HSD Kenichi 460 Discussion / 461 Predictions

    I don't think he would hit her at all, I really think he just attacked to make her remember him, no killing intent or even hit intent. And he fought worst, like kano and the Tirant.
    I think he will...
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    [Shounen] Re: Magico by Iwamoto Naoki

    I think his brothers are the other 2 archmages.
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    Poll: Re: Geneiryodan Vs Meruem

    The king would win imo. He is incredably fast and durable. If he shows no mercy from the begining he would win, he is a strategist, and all, and all the president of the hunters could do was delay...
  28. [Shounen] Re: The World God Only Knows by WAKAKI Tamiki

    There are 6 goodess, he found 5 (Diana, Apollo, Vulcan, Mars and Minerva). I think that Chihiro realy likes him (despite of the contest) as well, but doesn't have a goddess. I really think Ayumi...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 636 Discussion / 637 Prediction

    I believe this arc will end with Luffy fighting one of the four Yonkou. But just Oda knows the truth. I think this chap is in a good pace, because I don't think it would be fun to think that all...
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    [Shounen] Re: Rosario+Vampire by Ikeda Akihisa

    the scans are out

    Thanks Muda Scantrad. Great Chap

    Can't wait till next one comes out
  31. HSDK 440 Discussion / 441 Predictions

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    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: HSD Kenichi Spoiler Thread

    Chapter is out at Manga Reader
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    [Theory] Re: Who killed Senju Hashirama?

    I think they can be revived at any age, since Sasori was revived as a kid (he was old). I think died due to the fight with Madara (because his wife was old and probably fought the nine tails to be...
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    Poll: Re: Gon vs. Feitan

    Feitan, he is a killer. He would not give gon time to do anything.
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    Poll: Re: Killua vs. Morau

    Moaru would win just because he is more experienced.
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    Poll: Re: Pufu vs. Hisoka

    dificult fight, but Hisoka would win, since Pufu didn't shw much of an offensive side and has a weak point in not being able to divide his original self to much.
    The gum nen would be a killer part...
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    Poll: Re: Palm vs. Illumi

    This one I vote purely on the family Illumi is from. His family is well trained killers who can pose treat to almost anyone in the HxH world.

    He might have a dificult time, but I think he wins.
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    Poll: Re: Knuckle vs. Feitan

    I think people who are voting for Knuckle are forgeting that potclean make the person with it stronger as it lend the reciver Knuckle nen.
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    Poll: Re: Knuckle vs. Feitan

    Ok, so let me put it more clear for me.
    I'm not overestimating the Ryodan member, but in this fight I truly think Feitan would win. Why? Because of knuckel's ability is not suited to skilled hanto...
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    Poll: Re: Knuckle vs. Feitan

    I don't know if I got it wrong, but Knuckle Ability does not prevent damage, It cause damage and "drain" Nen, but if he gets hit the amount is reduced. I don't see Him wining this one, since he, to...
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    Poll: Re: Gon vs. Kurapica

    I think Kurapika would defeat Gon, not with easy. I'm assuming Gon will not use the power he used to kill Pitou, because it would not have a strong emotion to set that active, and also Kurapika would...
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    Poll: Re: Genthru vs. Hisoka

    Hisoka, far more experienced than genthru. He fought in real world while Genthru was stucked in the game. And he was as strong as to be a Hiodan member. He is sure stronger and will win the fight.
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    Poll: Re: HxH Tournament Fights

    I vote Pufu. One of the best strategists of the ant king royal guard and with a lot of energy it would be no problem for him to beat up reiza. I say that since the power reiza showed was to create...
  44. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 599 Discussion / 600 Prediction Thread

    Can't u guys see. Zoro is obviouly trainig against genjutso, like Deidara did.
  45. Poll: [Favorites] Re: Marineford arc : the best or the worse Arc ?

    Just a "noreadingotherpostsresponse"
    The way this is one of top 5 (for me) is because Luffy needed to see how weak he still was to enter new world. See, like W7 arc where he lost to CP9 and saw how...
  46. [Theory] When will Naruto awake his sharingan

    I couldn´t find a thread about it, so I create one. As u can see, Itachi gave Naruto some of his power.

    Thats why I think he lost to Sasuke (and lost on...
  47. [Chapter] Re: One Piece 598 Discussion / 599 Prediction Thread

    Not possible, look between Luffy's leg and u will see the other sword. He is grabing it.
    I am impressed with Franky's arms and hands, they are huge.
    I would like to see what happened to Perona.
  48. [Seinen] Re: Change 123 by Iku Sakaguchi & Shiuri Iwasawa

    Well, it is sad to see lots of good series end up so early. But its life.
    Sure it had potential and I don't think the autor can make a good end with so little. It might be a lame end but I will see...
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    Poll: Re: Who's your favorite sin?

    Lust (both of them are great, but the manga one is super)
    and of course the touthest of the homuculli manga Warth, because he can see the outcome but don't have any other special power and kick...
  50. [Seinen] Re: Change 123 by Iku Sakaguchi & Shiuri Iwasawa

    Since I didn't want to die inside i read all but the spoilers. I still can't believe it will finish this soon, but. anyway. Until then there is a new Chap Thanks to Imangascans for the great work, as...
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