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    Sticky: [Info] Re: Translators Directory

    Updating this to mention that I am still interested in translating shounen and the like, particularly if you like attention to character voice details.
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    Sticky: [Info] I can translate shounen manga from Japanese to English.

    I'm extremely picky about groups, so bear with me.

    I'm looking to be around like-minded groups; adults who don't mind shooting the crap once in a while and preferably ones with a chat. Ones made...
  3. I'm Riley. I'm new. I draw things for games sometimes. I translate Japanese to English.

    Nice to meet everyone. I'm extremely willing to speak my mind and don't tolerate a lot of bull. But, if you like honesty (real honesty, not tell-me-what-I-wanna-hear honesty) we'll get along...
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