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  1. [Discussion] Re: The "How Much Time Do You Spend on the Computer" Thread

    hmm....My factors causes me to sit in front of the comp...but I have a life. :D
  2. [Discussion] Re: Can you guys read a manga knowing basics of Japanese??!

    :) Yeah, that is a good way too.
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    Sticky: [Language] Re: What Languages do you know?

    Bahasa Malaysia, English, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese
  4. [Other] Re: What Is The Longest Time That You've Been Without Shower?

    48 hours at max.........Was on a vacation and it was darn cold....can't bother to shower.
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    [Discussion] Re: What's the most comedious manga in history?

    K-ON all the way.

    There are a few more but I would like to choose Kon. The characters are well developed and moe...On top of that, there are many jokes in between.
  6. [Discussion] Re: Can you guys read a manga knowing basics of Japanese??!

    Yeah, it will be very hard and 100% you will not enjoy it...

    But on the brighter side, it is a good way to improve your Japanese language skills.
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    Sticky: [Travel] Re: Which COUNTRY that you LOVE to go and WHY??

    I wanna go to Japan and work there if possible.....But I heard the living standard is horrible...

    BTW The culture in japan is unique.
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    [Life] Re: What happens when you die?

    In Christianity: Be with the god.
    Muslim: Be with the God.
    Buddhist: Go to heaven/Hell Or reborn
    Hindu: Reborn until achieved nirvana lvl...
    Pagan: Merge with the Wind/Ground and sun and deities....
  9. [Life] Re: Ask the Opposite Gender/The Relationships Thread

    Well Emo kids have 2 definition.....One is a caring and sensitive and the other one will be sensitive and fast to react.

    Which one do you mean?
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    [Life] Re: Single or Married and why

    I am still single......

    Dunno why.....maybe I am kinda shabby or mellow?..And any tips for me to be more successful with girls?
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    [Discussion] Re: Your Favorite FOOD? Etc.

    Chicken and Pork all the way.

    Anyone here likes Crackling?
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    Sticky: Re: Where Do You Come From?

    hey guys, I came from Malaysia. Currently I am living in KL.

    Any Malaysian residents can pm me. It will be good to get connected to our own countryman.

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