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    Artist wanted, will pay $100 a chapter

    Have a story and have my heart set on making it a Manga. I am willing to pay for the chapters.
    Here is the deal...
    * audition is designing two characters. I will pay $25 if I like them and that...
  2. [Help Wanted] artists wanted, (please read and review idea if not artist)

    Kenta found himself at yet another of his father's excavation locations and this time his luck made a turn for the worst, his Japanese-American heritage made him the target of some local thugs. In...
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    Re: Ideas for a title

    you seem like your trying to create a story that feels cryptic and covered in secrets. you could simply name it something just as cryptic and it will set the stage for your story that way the readers...
  4. [Help Wanted] confident writer looking for equally confident artist for a story already partly written

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    Re: Question for amateur manga/comic authors

    looks to me like your in the right place
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