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    Will Luffy face Big Mam?

    SO u All remember when Luffy talked threw the snail phone and pissed her off so will he have to face her and also im still confused on when Luffy said fisherman island is now under his control and...
  2. Poll: What kind of moves do u want to see Luffy do?

    I have so many ideas for this and i would like to hear ur ideas to so vote in my poll and write ur ideas. let me explain some for instance One of them would be Gomu Gomu No RPG wich he would go into...
  3. Replies

    What would the New World be like ?

    i think that the New world will defy logic even more then what we've seen so far like a corrupt fruit or mind control or what but i know that when they get there they have to face shanks for sure...
  4. [What-If] If u would like to have any 9 plp as a crew in one piece with Luffy who would they be.

    I would like:
    Crew:Nami, Mihawk, Law, Kid, Shanks, Marco, Zoro, Smoker.:^_^
  5. Poll: Re: What kind of devil fruit do u think will appear next and what u want to see

    Luffy94 He has the slice and dice fruit which it is made of metal but its a blade not just a plain hardened body as tough as steel he can cut stuff a steel fruit would mean well what i mean by is...
  6. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Let's talk about Conqueror's Haki

    Well Im sure that Luffy will learn to go higher in his Haki while fighting the three emperors since (Whitebeard Died) but since Shanks is one and more likley to fight with Luffy and will make Luffy...
  7. Poll: What kind of devil fruit do u think will appear next and what u want to see

    Well I know that each and every one of u want to see the devil fruit that u want but predict what will be next my guess is the wood wood fruit i mean come on and also the steel steel fruit if any of...
  8. [Discussion] What will the last episode for One Piece be like?

    Now I Know that most of you don't want this to happen but what kind of ending would u like. Like how about an epic ending were luffy does the most epic fight and loses some crew members during it or...
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