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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: gimp question :)

    Nah Raenef, Thats only if you save as .psd, which is not the actual format you should use for images with layers. Its only a little extra thing which makes it possible to work with Photoshop users....
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    [Cleaning] Re: Advice needed to redraw light lines

    I would cut out a piece with the lines which are good (the ones to the right of the guy), then rotate paste on the left and erase what comes over the border.
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    [Misc Attempt] Re: My First Cleaning Attempt. Rate me Please.

    Actually very good but can you please upload it in .png? Right now its a bit difficult to see what is dust from the raw and what is from converting to .jpg. :^_^
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    [Misc Attempt] Re: Speed clean attempt

    There is dust left at the end of the page and in between the last 3 panels. Also it looks waaay too much denoised. BUt good for only 5 min. Though pages like these simply need more time.

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    [Misc Attempt] Re: Need some help and critique

    Hmm I also sometimes have problems with this. Try step resizing or a denoiser like neatimage or Topaz. Something I just though of is to zoom the page in so it has the right hight and then take a...
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    Sticky: [Discussion] Re: gimp question :)

    Hmm if I understand you correctly, its probably because Gimp doesn't support Adjustment layers. And thats pretty sad. You will have to ask the Cleaner to flat out the leveled layer.

    Hope this was...
  7. [Misc Attempt] Re: First time scanlating anything, how'd you guys think I did?

    Raenef has already metioned a lot, but there are still some things left. The page folds are a big problem. Brighten them up by using the dodge or/and the brush tool. And change the mode to RGB,...
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