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    Why is Aoi not in the camp?

    Does anyone know why Kentaro Aoi wasn't invited to the U17 camp?
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    who is Japan number 4 now?

    After Ryoga leave the camp to go with Ryoma, who was given #4 badge ? Ire or tokugawa

    and who do u guys think is number 14 now as ryoma replacement?
  3. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 91 Discussion/Predictions

    What's the point of Aktusku at the U-17 camp? he really think he even stand a chance vs Ryoma ...... he is gonna get beat by Ryoma again
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    [Character] Re: how strong is really Yukimura?

    I don't think that is possible......
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    [Character] is niou be back?

    after winning the match vs No 9 and 10..... he sacrificed his elbow and was unable to even walk, i am reallly looking forward to see Atobe and Niou's pair again..... you guys think he will be able to...
  6. [Match] Re: Is Sanada now strong enogh to beat Yukimura?

    i agreed with you that Yukimura is No. 3 or and sanada is No. 4.... i guess we should need to wait the outcome of the shuffle macthes with the 1st st......
  7. [Match] Is Sanada now strong enogh to beat Yukimura?

    Do you guys think that sanada with his black aurora is strong enough to beat yukimura..... sanada has improved a lot not sure how many balls can he hit now 6?...... so far Yuki can only hit 2 at the...
  8. [Match] Re: can any middel school beat the number 3 stringer duke?

    and what are the chances of jin aktsuku beating duke?..... or he will be playing oni?
  9. [Match] can any middel school beat the number 3 stringer duke?

    Duke is a power player.....beat Gin Ishida with just one shot

    fuji might have a chance.

    i will like to see Jin Akutsu against duke.... he beat Kawamura ''the numer 1 player of japan at middle...
  10. [Special Move] Teni Muhō No Kiwami (Pinnacle of Perfection)

    so far the only two that can used Teni Muhō No Kiwami (Pinnacle of Perfection) are Ryoma and Tezuka, but what about ryoma's brother ryoga do you guys think reached Teni Muhō No Kiwam?
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    [Match] Tokugawa vs Yukimura

    Tokugawa vs Yukimura, who do you guys think will be the winner ,give reasons please.
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    [Character] how strong is really Yukimura?

    how strong is really Yukimura at the final vs Ryoma he wasn't at his 100 % and in this camp he was on 6th court he beat a 1st stinger #11, is he good enough to be on the top 5 of all japan?
  13. Sticky: [Anime] Any idea when episode 14 is coming out in anime?

    i been waiting for the episode 14 manga of the new prince of tennis, any cules when is coming out or 13 was the last one?
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    [Character] question about niou

    did he paired up with oishi to beat the twins players, and he won, is unfair that he now has the number 16 and 10 bages?
  15. [Special Move] Re: what's the name of Yukimura's new technique?

    thank you, hopefully he gets to again
  16. [Special Move] what's the name of Yukimura's new technique?

    Does anyone knows the name of the technique that yukimura used vs 11 stinger?
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